In the new events there are signs of the encroaching era of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and a nearing of a potential declaration of the 5th Marian Dogma – the Mediatrix of All Graces in our Lady

 Major Announcements as follows

Holy Face Monastery, Clifton, NJ

Full background story on Our Lady and the miraculous history Cilento and Salerno Italy and Our Queen at the bottom of this posting

On Saturday, May 30, 2015, at 11:30 a.m., at Holy Face Monastery, 1697 Route 3, Clifton, New Jersey,there will be celebrated   a Solemn High Mass with Gregorian chant led by Mnsr. Ambrosio of Newark, NJ in honor of Our Lady of Sacro Monte of Novi Velia, Salerno. Following Mass there will be a grand procession on the monastery grounds with the statue of Our Lady, her canopy and authentic cinte (Italian candle-houses), all accompanied by the Tony Neglia Italian Music Band starting at 10:30am – Everyone is encouraged to make this one as Our Lady is brought out atop the Hill overlooking the valley of the tri-state area.

See the beautiful flyer -link immediately below

Holy Face Monastery – Solemn Mass Clifton – NJ- SacroMonte2015Version03

Traditional Rite U.S. Priestly Ordinations To Be Telecast Live By FSSP On Saturday May 30th

Traditional ceremonial Confirmations by FSSP in Rome Saturday May 30th – the feed can be picked up via Vatican Radio telecasts

Also on Saturday the Jersey City TLM Community reminds us of a traditional piano recital at Saint Anthony of Padua, Jersey City beginning at 6:30pm                      See flyer below for more details

May 30 2015 St Anthony Jersey City Piano Recital

Blue Army Shrine, NJ will be celebrating the Feast of Our Lady of All Nations on Saturday – The renown theologian Mark Miravalle will be speaking on Mary coredemptrix, mediatrix, and advocate and the progress of the 5th Marian Dogma, with the Divine Will Starting to explode everywhere amidst the great spiritual battle underway in the world.

It is also believed that the Consecration of Russia needs to be done by October 2015. Father Amorth gave a warning already otherwise things will begin to drastically implode in six months . The death of Father Gruner might be a sign since his work is over.

Sacred Heart Clifton, NJ

On Sunday at 2:00m the Sacred Heart Church of Clifton, NJ, that has now been regularly celebrating Sunday low Masses in the Traditional Rite will celebrate the first Traditional High Mass at this Church since the Council (in almost 50 years) A flyer for the Solemn Mass of the Holy Trinity can be found immediately below- My family and I will proudly be in attendance and I hope to see friends and family join together as well – Convivium to follow


Many are not aware that Saint Jose Maria Escriva did not want to say/pray the Novus Ordo , maintaining it’s errors and resisted for several years prior to his acquiescence

Many are also not aware Saint Padre Pio likewise was under an indult exception to never have to say/pray the Novus Ordo but exclusively the TLM

The Truth can no longer be bottled up at the eve of the era of the proliferation of Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart

 The Sacred Tradition and the Background Cilento – Salerno and Our Lady

Devotion to the Virgin Mary is so strong in the Cilento and her sanctuaries are so numerous that the region has become known as, “La Terra di Maria, The Land of Mary”. The shrine at Novi Velia is continuously besieged by pilgrims from its opening on the last Sunday of May until its closing on the last Sunday in October. (In the intervening months the mount is covered in snow).

From the time of the shrine’s foundation until the 1950s, whole towns of the Cilento as well as towns in the surrounding areas of Lucania, Basilicata and Calabria would annually travel on foot, often barefooted as an act of penance, to visit the sanctuary. Arrival at the shrine and the return trip home took many days. The pilgrims would walk by day carrying banners and singing hymns in the Cilentano dialect dedicated specifically to the Blessed Lady of Sacro Monte, the hymns themselves being varied and often particular to the hometowns of the pilgrims. Many women would carry on their heads tallcinte or candle houses as votive offerings to the Virgin.

The candle houses would be constructed by creating immense towers of one hundred or so beeswax candles decorated with flowers and ribbons, regaled with images of saints, often the patron of the town as well as the Madonna del Sacro Monte. After days of carrying the candle houses atop their heads, these votive offerings, often as acts of thanksgiving for favors received, would be left at the shrine by the female pilgrims so that the candles could be used to light the sanctuary in the days before electricity.

At night, in those times of unimaginable hardship and poverty, large groups of pilgrims would camp in the fields or on the streets of the villages and towns that lined the pilgrimage routes. The singing would continue as it had during the day, men and boys playing the zampogna and organetto to accompany the traditional Sacro Monte pilgrimage hymns. Thezampogna is an Italian bagpipe, an ancient instrument of the area, the origin of which predates recorded history. It is made from goat skins by shepherds, the Cilento breed of goat being profuse in the area and famed for the cheese made from its milk. Cheese, dried sausage, soppressata and the rustic whole grain bread unique to the area would be the meal for the journeying pilgrims, the food having been carried through the trip in baskets on top of the heads of some of the female members of the party.

These pilgrimages were for the impoverished people of this area the one time during the year when they would be able to leave behind the daily hardship and work of their native villages and towns. It was a time of great joy and festivity, families and neighbors uniting in preparations for the journey. Young people would often make the pilgrimage in hopes of finding a spouse, the girls especially praying for a good husband. These pilgrimages were one of the very rare opportunities in those years for the young boys and girls of the Cilento to actually interact.

When the pilgrims would arrive close to the summit of Monte Gelbison and Our Lady’s sanctuary, they would encounter the stone Cross of Rofrano, a monument indicating that they were very close to the shrine of their most beloved Madonna. At the Cross of Rofrano, the pilgrim groups would circle three times, leaving at the foot of the cross stones they had gathered along their pilgrimage routes. Passing the cross they would soon come to the doors of the church, and after another series of rituals, by tradition the youngest member of the party would enter first, followed in order by the musicians playing thezampogna and organetto, the banner carrier, the women with their cinte followed by the rest of the group. In the shrine’s piazza the pilgrims would break into song and dance celebrating the joy of being in a place where they felt so close to their celestial Mother.

Love for the Madonna of Sacro Monte was carried to the United States by Cilentano immigrants who arrived in the United States at the turn of the last century. In Jersey City, where many of them settled, an annual devotion was started, celebrated at Holy Rosary Church every May where a statue of “Maronna ru Monte” would be carried in procession. In the late 1960s the devotees from Jersey City moved their celebration to Holy Face Monastery in Clifton, New Jersey. At the Monastery they constructed a stunning outdoor shrine to the Madonna and brought a small statue for veneration.

The annual celebration at Holy Face Monastery ended in 1980. It was revived in 2012 by Cilentani and their descendants in New Jersey inspired by what they perceive to be a number of miraculous events which they felt were a very clear indication that Heaven wished this devotion in New Jersey to be not only revived, but to spread and flourish.

Musical entertainment will begin at 10:30 a.m. with a performance of the Bloomfield Mandolin Orchestra, followed after Mass by the Tony Neglia Italian Feast Band, Italian American singing sensation Maestro Marcantonio Pezzano, and. DJ Stefano. Delicious meals and desserts will be sold throughout the day and there will be activities for young and old to enjoy. For more information about this grande festa, you can contact us at info @ or call Pat at (201) 658-0775.

Hope to see you there!

A link to April issue of the Catholic Journal of TFP (Tradition Family and Property) can be found immediately below, discussing the relationship between the Enmity between the Woman of the Genesis proto-evangelism- the Child of Revelation vs. the enemy in the escalating movements of the Occult in the U.S. and elsewhere

TFP’s Crusade_Mag_vol_134

Ave Maria –  Famiglia

PS !

All this week at Holy Innocents, NY are Octaves of Pentecost Masses at 6:00pm with Friday a solemn Ember Friday in Pentecost and fasting for Ember Saturday waived due to the Calendar correlation to the Feast

The Friday Holy Mass will be a Mass of thanksgiving for Father Connolly’s Ordination and after the Mass, Fr. Connolly will offer his first blessing for the faithful in attendance. There will also be a Convivium (after Mass) to celebrate with Fr. Connolly his ordination to the Catholic Priesthood.

For those like myself that still attempt to cling to vestiges of the new Rite via the Divine Office of the Liturgy of the Hours which many are not aware that a significant percentage of the Council objected to it’s very close following of per-concilar Catholicism prayers and Psalmody focus

It’s work shop and draft were initiated by the Holy Ghost Father’s that were, for decades in post of the Council, in Communion with Rome until the 1988 Schism and their template Office (minus the negatively imposed Calendar changes that came from above their level) is still the common Office in use in the Church today world-wide and since it’s official DO-LOTH 1975 publishing.

What many of us do at these seasonal transitions, when the new Rite rushes back to Ordinary time following a major Feast (aka Pentecost), is temporarily switch to praying the Offices of The Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It may come as surprise but the Old Rite Offices & the Little Office does not switch from the Easter Season until this upcoming Saturday night’s Vespers prior to the Vigil of the Holy Trinity following that Evening prayer the old Divine Office then  moves to the Post-Pentecost season Offices of prayer !

The Little Office of The Blessed Virgin Mary