On this Pentecost Wednesday Octave – which is also an Ember Wednesday of a partial fast, and /or abstinence and/or additional prayer

Catholic Bishops and Priests continue to apostatize by the dozen

It should not come a surprise to anyone that studies Theology, Scriptural Exegesis, Sacred Tradition and Catholic Philosophy that the exact same Bishops and Priests that fight the Traditional Rite Mass, attempt to restrict and suppress it are the same ones propagating, liberalism, modernism, and heretical views, many of which veer into full Apostasy

The Traditional Mass, it’s rubrics, it’s calendar, and it’s culture are rigidly chained to a 1 to 1 relationship with Catholic orthodoxy

It does not meld well with progressivist intentions of change, which include the so-called “modernizing” of Catholic social teachings, and the democratization of Church government through the philosophies of ‘egalitarianism’

In this Pontificate the stark contrasts are so glaring they cannot be overlooked or easily dismissed

It Began With The Demotion of Cardinal Cañizares


It continued in the dismantling of the Curial appointments made under Benedict XVI throughout the short tenure of this Pontificate to date

Then the ultra liberal former Master General of the Dominican Order is appointed appointed by Pope Francis as the lead consultor to the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace”


There are many and varied Catholic apostolates that now stand in the gap as overseer/maintainers of all the remaining Dominican houses of worship, schools, and convents that became abandoned once Vatican II jettisoned Dominican Aquinas scholastics as the philosophical / theological roots of our Faith – Many of those Churches of Dominican origin were the first to be closed, consolidated or suffer the knife – With the basis of orthodox scripture interpretation eradicated the evil resident within the Dominican Order began to proliferate- Ever since V-II  forced the abandonment of these scholastic roots and the traditional Dominican Liturgy (only being restored now in small grass roots sectors as the exception) the influence of such Pontifical appointments such as the likes of a Cardinal Daneels now have international impact and continue to disgust


Our Pope almost never addresses dissenting Cardinals and Bishops as in the Roman Catholic Church of old and as seen in this primary example among many.

Irish Bishop Diarmuid Martin is a perfect example as he joins ‘apostate’ Bishops and Priests worldwide and calls Ireland’s referendum “a new sexual revolution” and says “the Catholic Church ! needs a wake up call” …..lol



 Dutch Bishops openly funding Contraception and Abortion

Through the Vatican organization Caritas Internationalis -as well as the Apsotate Marie Stopes International and Cordaid through the Planned Parenthood’s Philippines Division !

You will remember in 2011 Benedict XVI ordered the dismissal of the head of Caritas, Lesley-Anne Knight and he ordered the initiation of the reform of Caritas.

Now under this Pontificate they can do whatever they want and it’s business as usual in the culture of death sector with Faithful Catholics funding solicited via Bishop’s Appeals – (which no one in their right mind should lend their family’s financial support to)


 Liberal Bishops Meet At Gregorian University in Rome to Discuss Their Strategy To Overthrow The October Synod



Everyone forgets the Prayers and Sacred Tradition that were always held to be true and taught for eons in Seminaries until the suppressions of the council

One such prayer teaches that the sins above all others that cry to the Lord for vengeance and a greater destructive fire than all others – listed of course are Sodomy and the culture of death