Greetings – On this Pentecost Monday in the Traditional Rite –

There are special Masses for the post Pentecost season and Octaves of Pentecost all this week – every evening at 6pm at Holy Innocents NY– A plenary indulgence is also gained for praying and or singing the Pentecost sequence all this week


While Catholic Ireland – (a Catholic State for over 1500 years) fell to a re-definition of marriage to include sodomite marriages and to  no longer be defined as between ONE man and ONE woman the world waits for the coming of it’s sister “Marriage between ONE man and MANY women” already in proposed rider legislation drafts of nations that redefined “ONE” – Soon behind it are ONE MAN married to SEVERAL MEN and then ……to animals ! – it’s next logical trajectory People that want to marry animals have rights too!

While this nonsense proliferated via the hands of Irish Bishops and Catholic Priests that urged it’s people to vote YES we are reminded that every apostasy and heresy that ever really took root started via protestantism but was brought all the way into society by Catholics !

King Henry – Martin Luther – John Calvin were all Apostate Catholics and the list goes on to include US Supreme Court justices – Vice Presidents – United Nations delegates and on and on

As always the pattern in country after country follows like a twilight zone movie as the people are brain washed by protestant theology and protestant worship. It begins with contraception followed by legalized abortion followed by legalized sodomy – then euthanasia and after birth (murder) abortions

While this Apostasy raged various sectors of the Church carried themselves very differently – some pretended the raging war doesn’t exist and that a religious celebration is going on

The Traditional sectors of the Church never the less hunkered down (minus the individual personal emotions)  in Solemn Worship and reparation against what Scripture calls the offenses against the Holy Ghost

Berlin NJ – Held their first Pontifical Vigil of Pentecost Mass in over 50 years ~! – Followed by a Sunday morning Solemn High Mass of Pentecost

Likewise Saint Anthony of Padua – Jersey City held it’s first Solemn High Mass at the Vigil of Pentecost in over Fifty Years……Photo post to follow soon


A report follows from Eddy Toribio on  the traditional Mass that took place at the Church of the Holy Innocents (NYC) for Pentecost Sunday (May 24, 2015).


The photos are a courtesy of Mr. Anthony Dascosta (who faithfully records and photographs the Mass, the Sermon, and the Vespers on most Sundays at Holy Innocents).

Despite the fact that it was Memorial Day weekend (when many people go away), the attendance at Holy Innocents was good: 255 people for the beautiful and inspiring Sung Mass, and 65 people for Vespers (which takes place every Sunday of the year as desired by the Second Vatican Council).

At the end of the Mass, blessed holy cards (two last pictures) were distributed to the faithful in attendance. As has become the custom at Holy Innocents, many of the people who attended the Mass also stayed for the coffee hour (which takes place every Sunday).

Beautiful red vestments were used, as well as relics and flowers on the High Altar. Many of the faithful joined in for the singing of the Pentecost Sequence (Veni, Sancte Spiritus), as well as for the singing of the Pentecost Hymn at Vespers (Veni, Creator Spiritus).

We hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day!

–Eddy J. Toribio

Holy Innocents at Pentecost _001 Holy Innocents at Pentecost _002 Holy Innocents at Pentecost _003 Holy Innocents at Pentecost _004 Holy Innocents at Pentecost _005 Holy Innocents at Pentecost _006 Holy Innocents at Pentecost _007 Holy Innocents at Pentecost _008 Holy Innocents at Pentecost _009 Holy Innocents at Pentecost _010 Holy Innocents at Pentecost _011 Holy Innocents at Pentecost _014 Holy Innocents at Pentecost _015 Holy Innocents at Pentecost _016 Holy Innocents at Pentecost _018

Pentecost promo

Cambridge Square, Mass – of Pentecost above

Fontgombault Sermon – Pentecost: We must remain on the teaching of the Lord

Once, quailing in the face of the enormity of the work that lay ahead, St. Patrick was graced with a vision:

He saw the whole of Ireland lit up with the brightest rays of Divine Faith. This continued for centuries, and then clouds gathered around the devoted island, and, little by little, the religious glory faded away, until, in the course of centuries, it was only in the remotest valleys that some glimmer of its light remained. Saint Patrick prayed that the light would never be extinguished, and, as he prayed, the angel came to him and said: “Fear not: your apostolate shall never cease.” As he thus prayed, the glimmering light grew in brightness, and ceased not until once more all the hills and valleys of Ireland were lit up in their pristine splendor, and then the angel announced to St. Patrick: “Such shall be the abiding splendor of divine truth in Ireland.”

We are surely living in the time of gathering clouds. The demons that once reigned over the Land of Eire, driven out through the holiness of the Irish saints, are returning in force and staking their claim. Saint Patrick’s heart would break to look on the state of spiritual destruction in which Ireland lies today.

But he was given a promise the divine light would never be extinguished, and the Ancient Faith, now tossed aside and trampled underfoot by the faithless, would once again rise up and spread its glorious light over the valleys of that isle. The hearts of the Irish will once again be conquered by divine Love.

But that won’t be accomplished without pain. The Irish bishops have inherited the legacy of St. Patrick. They have betrayed his legacy. Let them now take up his mantle, and make amends for their failure. It’s not too late — if not to redeem other souls, then at least to redeem their own.

Christine Niles CMTV- Pentecost Monday 2015