Review of Conference speaker(s) talks given at Holy Innocents NYC and current state of affairs in the Church –

Held on May 12th was the High Solemn Mass that venerated  the martyrs Nereus, Achilleus, Domitilla, and Pancras that was celebrated in red by Father Leonard Villa with the serving Deacon Canon Jean Moreau of Saint Anthony Padua, West Orange and saw  over 150 people attend this weeknight Sacrificial offering of the Mass  and then over 75 people that attended the Conference that followed along with many Holy Priests The highly acclaimed Catholic theologians and writers Luc Perin and n Martin Moesbach both gave separate talks although herein their thought and overall message is combined within this review

Holy Innocents Conference 05142015 Holy Innocents Conference 05142015_Luc_Perin

To the purely naked eye from an outsiders perspective it appears from the top view of the Churches and it’s Orders that the pure statistics of the trajectory of the Catholic Church is a pessimistic one within a decade or two of expiring throughout the Western world(s)

Point in fact, all that data is there indeed however the surface story is not the same as meets the eye and essentially optimism abounds within the diaspora

The French theologian Professor Luc Perin and the German theologian Martin Moesbach attests to the same message

Firstly if we as the Body of Christ are going to climb from descension to ascension in the foot step of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ and through the Intercession of our Lady and Mother Queen we must be truthful, factual, and forthcoming about ourselves as component members of the Body and the mystical Body as a whole

The Body is largely in denial not just about the gloomy statistics but a two front battle underway with both the exterior war being fought against her by secular and relativist enemies as well as  the ecclesiastical civil war underway from within

Luc Perin tells us ‘from an inside baseball perspective on authentic orthodox Catholicism’ that we have much to be optimistic about that the Church will NOT (as foretasted by many Catholic professionals) cease to exist in one more generation and become defunct

#1 The last several Conclaves that elected the first three non-Roman Popes in almost a millennium were dominated and still are dominated by a European Bishopric formed in a particular Catholic orientation and disposition

This majority current ruling Body of the Catholic Church, despite the fact that they themselves contain large percentages of doctrinally rebellious Cardinals and Bishops are in all factuality on their way out and an ideology has begun a ‘ retirement phase’

The same situation exists at the Parish pastor level if not “doctrinally rebellious” then at the very least highly liberal ‘pastoral practices’ as they say are in place by the far majority

However ! and by stark contrast and all realistic truthfulness the Church itself is no longer European by majority nor even close to 1/3 any longer

The majority of practicing Catholics reside in the Americas both North America and South America with Africa 3rd and growing

The current Pope is indeed, like it or not of the Novelle Theologica, post Catholic Europe formation

Even so the Pope, (like the Cathedra seat does to every Pontiff) has begun to see the Truth of the Age we are living and has just acknowledged that

Catholics Must Begin To Prepare Themselves and Their Families For Martyrdom For The Truth

The majority of the new and younger Priests are orthodox Catholics and a large and growing number seeking traditional orders and are experiencing problems of theological and doctrinal conflict at many of academically and theologically rebellious Catholic seminaries as noted at the Conference

It will take up to a full generation to experience the full effects of this Catholic Restoration that has already strongly begun in Liturgy, Ecclesiastics, Theology, Literature, Sacred Music, and Sacred Art and Sacred Architecture & Church construction as noted

But the battle will not be won overnight – Some Bishops and priests will fight to retain iconoclasm to the very end, all over the world until it hits the breaking point to which we have almost reached  – The negative European influence of ultra liberal leftist Bishops are having their influence even in Indian cultures and the Malabar Rite as seen in this story here (link below) where Church architects are being directed to begin building basketball court style Churches of the type that you now see in places like the Jersey Shore ?!

Curb costs of church construction, Indian cardinal orders pastors : News Headlines – Catholic Culture

These are the types that believe that gone are the days when even the poor would give every penny they had to donate in order for their families to join together with what the Bishops themselves were coming up with $ in the way of funding to build a Temple Palace of the new Covenant of Jesus Christ The civil war at the end will determine whether the rights of God or the rights of men will prevail – From previous clashes our Lord has been known to win by majority.

Luc Perin tells us that the within on decade of the new theology of Vatican II saw the beginning for the first time in over five centuries of Catholic countries that began to cease to be Catholic countries

The new theology introduced a Catholic relativism vs. the Catholic theology that Truth is absolute

A significant milestone Professor Luc Perin told the audience was when the EU (the European Union) led by the French President refused the statements to be entered regarding the Christian founding roots of Europe and the new relativism direction

The remnant of lay traditional Catholic Europe is looking to the vast Americas and their large and growing numbers of Traditional Catholics for leadership in both numbers and the united strength of Truth

The Catholic Church is on the precipice of monumental change for the “better” and this  is great and significant news

Most of us all know the bad news and the realistic statistics of what the reigning new theology and Bishophric leadership has gotten us

In France alone Prof Perin tells us that 29% are now professed atheists –and the number grows daily4.5% of once Catholic France are practicing Catholics (*from the pew sitters poll and others the number jumps to 9% if considering once a month Mass to be praciting one’s Faith*)

So from the birds eye view it seems to be heading towards European squalor it was said

Unprecedented low birth rates among all Christians (majority actively practicing product and chemical contraception) that Scripture teaches us is equivalent to Occultism

Story as seen from Japan

The crushing of Saint Maximillian Kolbe’s Franciscan Friars of the Immaculata order begins to have severe impacts in Japan

Catholicism in Japan as stated by a Japanese Bishop may have it’s existence threatened due to population decline ! : News Headlines – Catholic Culture

Same story in the US, the number of Americans with no religion is rising, survey says – CNS –

Unprecedented amounts of Church closings both abroad and domestically in the US

Cardinal Dolan has just announced another forthcoming round of Church and School closings and mergers on the same day that a Catholic college in Syracuse (LeMoyne) protests him as a choice for Catholic speaker and a liberal as the same “Dolan – Sends Another 31 To The Knife”

As the Synod approaches it appears, Prof Perin tells us, that a large scale mounting rebellion against Catholic doctrine is underway by unprecedented numbers of Catholic Bishops

In Switzerland, the Swiss join the Germans in open rebellion on petitioning the Synod as 6,000 Swiss Catholics call for remarriage and homosexual relationship change acknowledgements by the Catholic Church

Report reveals scale of Boko Haram violence inflicted on Nigerian Catholics- »

There are now about 7,000 widows in the diocese and nearly 10,000 orphaned children, said the report. Among the diocese’s displaced are 26 of 46 priests, 200 catechists and 20 religious sisters, the report found.. More than 350 churches in the diocese have been the targets of terror attacks with “a good number of them destroyed more than once”,

Philosophers and scholastics have often documented the impact of peoples loss of language resulting in the loss of the their culture as found in this report – link below

In the fist example it only took twenty something months to liberalize the western Catholic liturgy in the entire world once their agenda was communicated within their own ranks and they took it far beyond even what was laid down in Sacrosanctum Concilium . In turn the attempts to correct the horrendous English translation of the Missal of this same Novus Ordo took over 20 years of infighting and push back to have issued a reform of the reform in a corrected proper translation from Latin – Germany – Italy and France are still waiting for theirs and under the same liberal bureaucracy

Actual Council document – reference link

Another  glaringly example the case in the suppression of the Universal Language of the Catholic Church in the liberalization of the Liturgy and the culture of televised Masses “previously forbidden in Catholic Liturgy “The Canon of the Mass” which is where  (in the new Rite termed the Liturgy of the Eucharist) in the Mass of the Faithful began and the Catechumens and non-Catholics were respectfully made to leave and the doors closed at the sound of the Deacon’s call to “Guard The Doors”

At the chanting of the Preface at the sound of the bell of the Sanctus the temporal world and the eternal world were in close proximity with a thin veil separating

The relegating the Mass to a ‘televised Mass in a channel that sits beside a pornography channel line up is yet another violation of sins and injuries against the Sacred Heart of Jesus requiring reparation

Much of it is being driven not only by liberal French liturgists, as Martin Moesbach also tells us, but as we already know, by German heresy and what is now being called in Europe in today’s per-schism days as “The Germ Church”

We see once again, (like the elements leading to Vatican II) the Rhine flowing into the Tiber without levies

Led by Archbishops’ Kasper and Forte who wrote the new paper to be discussed at the Synod called The Consideration ‘ (a method of recognizing irregular sexual unions’ ?!)

The Forte Kasperites are now also leading a motion of phase 2 proposal introduced at Vatican II – which was a movement away from a Theocratic – Pontifical led Church Government to a regional Church Government

This was to be importantly noted the #1 complaint of SSPX founder (of the former Holy Ghost Fathers prior to the schism and the former Archbishop of Paris Marcel Lefebre) brought to International attention that this form of Church Government and Bishop Conferences were declared illegal and deemed a” Febronianism Heresy” at Vatican I’  and a form of Gallicanism which it was ( and to this day it is almost never addressed by the the Church and avoided at all costs) Put side by side with the changing dogmatics on the Catholic orientation of the previous 1300 years towards islamic mohammedanism it is strangely becoming a thorny issue of a small exodus movement of Catholics to Eastern Orthodoxy as being documented in Eastern Catholic countries.

The position these theologians reiterated for us was indeed INFALLIBLY DECLARED AT VATICAN I as illegal – The empowering of regional Church governments is something that will also be discussed at the upcoming fall Synod and the Catholic Church’s unexplained irresolvable issue of current evolving Church government violating an Infallible Vatican I declared position and it is still the #1 obstacle towards unification with the growing Catholic SSPX movement

This same high ranking championing Archbishop of the current opposing theological cause at the Vatican is Archbishop Bruno Forte who  is also adamantly and relatedly against the new Traditional movement The previously strong and highly visible and ascetic  Traditional Catholic movement that started to rise in Italy and other parts of Europe were none other than the Franciscan Friars of The Immaculata  Stated clearly at the Conference, these Bishop leaders  said that it began to glaringly show a sharp divide of Catholics on the Pro-Life front who are mountingly Catholic Traditionalists by majority – Bishop Bruno Forte opposed the mounting glaring evidence of this contrast it was creating in the Church and wanted it suppressed and melded in Italy, US and elsewhere and wanted the Church to consider alternatives to the hard core pro-life position

I myself are unclear of these particular Archbishops position on abortion and or if life still begins and conception or not or are they also proposing a Synodal document for consideration of say end of 1st Trimester ?! I’m not completely sure

However it was also pointed out that in two years since the suppression of the FFIs and the investigation that nothing has been found, no pedophilia, no Priest marriages, no financial inappropriateness – only an opposing ideology by the powerful Kasperite /Forte proposed Church Government or the empowering of the Regional Bishop Conference organizations that many Catholics hold were illegally created from Vatican II in an effort to create an egalitarian Catholic Church government that also includes lay people and laicizes the Priesthood, which is no surprise to anyone their now public agenda appearing at the Synod. Whether bringing this to an International light following the outcome of the Synod will vindicate our FFIs is, all agreed, anyone’s speculation at this point.

This stage has marked a graduation from the 1950s secret books and heretical teachings to an academic level dissenting against Thomistic Scholastics as a key basis to Catholic Theology and of course the challenging of the doctrine of absolute Truth in Seminaries and Catholic Collegiate circles that led to the current phase of public disclosure of dissent at a no holds barred level

This method is very similar to that of the organization of the Union government of the North prior to the US Civil War to break up the South and their form of hereditary elite families and before that analogous to the masonic ideological foundations of the French Revolution era and the ultimate rights of men above all else (even the Rights of God)

Essentially what it comes down to is this – One ecclesiastical camp within the Catholic Church wants to advance a phase 2 direction of Vatican II and repeal the last vestiges of Christian Theocracy and create self governed Democratic Continental Churches each with their own bi-laws and having the laity given equal power – it was the architectural design of the Vatican II documents draft documents from the very beginning

The other camp seeks to defend Catholicism holding the line by playing the waiting game until the current Radical liberal hierarchy is retired and a new Cardinal electorate from the Africas – The Far East and the America’s can ascend to ranking Collegiate seats of orthodoxy to which most traditional theologians are all in agreement on the current crisis

One of the foremost teachings it will seek to uphold in this upcoming Synod and future Synods is the fact that Vatican I declared Infallible – Papal Infallibility and essentially Theocracy over Democracy as the Catholic Church form of government as an unmovable element of Sacred Tradition- Known bv theologians of the left as the “ultramontane position” to which one could ‘wiki’ it’s expounding on the topic for your own edification

Many people, even talented theologians see the critical path discussions going through the various Marriage and – Start & Finish of Life Definitions and redefinitions at the center of the defense of the movement of the Culture of Death when in fact the critical path goes instead through this element just previously discussed and the restoring another previously Infallibly declared Catholic teaching Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus (Outside the Church there is no salvation) and it’s restoration from it’s surgically augmented negative embellishments on same during Vatican II to such an amorphous extent that all everyone knows today are which subjects and teachings changed but no one  (including the authors) can clearly convey the details how they have changed without complex pluralistic hermeneutics and the like (obviously designed by their authors to be in a state of moving change without completed definitions)

The subject was covered in detail in a one hour special on Church Militant TV by one of their lead producers Christine Niles on the latest edition of their Wednesday evening Premium program Mic’d Up (If you don’t have the premium subscription to all their tv streams ($10 per month-) there is a trial version button somewhere on the splash page within the following link

In short summary we are optimistic because we are the Covenantal peoples with a guaranteed hope – and through this Holy hope we see the horizon must change because it was guaranteed to his people

Many of us will indeed be martyred during the process of change back to absolute Truth but we (as a generational peoples) are guaranteed protection as our Trinitarian God’s new covenantal adopted people

Ave Maria