Archbishop Cupich Now Getting Comfortable with Pro-Abortionists for Immigration Reform
You will remember that it’s been barely four years since this Archbishop’s direction to his Priests, as the then Archbishop of Spokane Washington, to NOT support and/ or attend any 40 Days For Life Events
Just to be sure and clear of misinterpretation- when challenged he reiterated the public discouragement of Catholic Priests participation !
Let’s face the Truth – we have an Apostate Abortionist as part of the hierarchy of the US Catholic Church and this Archbishop Blaise is a big voice on the floor of the the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Now as the USCB  is completely backing their choice for their lead charitable organization “Catholic Charities”   appointment of the Pro-abortion Advocate “Sister Donna Markham” as the new Catholic Charities President
Therefore we will of course, due to the Blaise Cupichs and Donna Markhams of the world, have some mothers, even when they do try to give birth, abandoning babies to die in dumpsters and near rail road track yards due to his public disposition and example on the Orientation towards life they give the public
If not us then who – ?! Who will defend the babies – ? Ask Our Lady She Will Give us battle strength To fight For The Babies at the foot of the crucifix of Salvation
They said no one will attend a funeral for a baby – with no name – that no one knows – A six week old infant left at the side of the rail road tracks passed away from it’s pain exposure to the outdoor elements and just had hundreds of people attend !

Casket Of Abandoned Infant  is processed by hundreds of Scottish Christians to the grave led by bagpipes and prayers !
They Feared No One Would Attend a Funeral for a Nameless Abandoned Baby, They Were Wrong |

Holy liberalism batman …even the NY Times reporting the dangers of Sterilization ?!

The NY Times reported that “Essure” the long term sterilization implant is NOT safe
You can read about that breaking development on the Center For Family and Human Development located here                           The UN Secretary General then almost in the same breath as this breaking news story makes a declaration from the floor of the UN that there needs to be more availability of Sterilization products, Contraception and Abortion in Countries that are either in war or in countries besieged by Islam ! (bolded emphasis as they say = mine)

So here we are at the beginning of the scene in the Lord of the Rings
The battle for Helms Deep when the King defending the last human civilization declares from atop the walls of the strongest castle left in the world                   – “And so it begins”
I say bring it on – undermined by Judas traitors from among our own I say bring it on ……Outnumbered – I say bring it on
I have a Rosary whose Meditations on the Sorrowful Mysteries of Christ can bring an enemy to it’s knees before us-Bring it on  Join the war
Let it be known that you joined BEFORE the draft began
Remember – when they come for us they will come in the night

Helms Deep_002

But when our Victory comes in will be in the bright light of dawn

Helms Deep_001