Universalism is an-going Catholic reformist agenda that sits to one side amidst two different drastically opposed ideologies in the Catholic Church whose divide is becoming glaringly visible not just in theology and catechesis but in praxis

It is visible in Architecture and from Sacred Music to the Social Gospel’s interpretation through Sacred Tradition and what is most glaringly seen as it’s lead vehicle – ‘the new Rite of the Mass’ in the following varied ways

The urging to all of us average readers, myself included, is to read the Canon of the new Mass (not just in the informal prayers of the new Rite) but the formal liturgical prayers and examine as to whether they are or are not highly sympathetic to arianism theology. A lower role is being ascribed to the 2nd person of the Sacred Trinity our Savior Jesus Christ – We are surrounded by Arianism of the east –

This past Saturday was the feast day of the Arian theology fighter Saint Athanasius – Arianism is a Pagan monotheism – Eastern mystery religions – Islam – various forms of Adventism including jeohavah’s witnesses are all following the same pagan god of arianism – In Scripture it is said that they have chosen their way They are following the line of Ishamael – Sarah’s slave of the moon god.

Saint Athanasius said it was and will always be the one “apostasy” (one full level greater than a heresy) that will always threaten to overtake the Church from the inside

The new rite now calls this disposed orientation “proper ecumenism”

Witness retired Curial Archbishop well versed in the Islamic Mohammedanism theology now formally teaching islamic theology in a University in Ohio and in excellent standing with the new Catholic Church


Among their defenses that it is NOT false ecumenism but an “ultra-ecumenism” orientation proper to the new rite’s understanding of Catholicism –  I would put to you that it is way past “ultra-ecumenism”

More than a scandal the” Roman” Catholic Church of my Father’s days would have seen it lead to public excommunications and sanctions But in this day and age it is  being “publicly” touted as a “proper” replacement of Thomistic Scholastics in seminaries for Priests!

It’s being fostered of course through their Jesuitism program of “ecumenism “

Then we have murder incorporated called ” Planned Parenthood”

To the Wisconsin Bishop’s credit this weekend he did go on the record to publicly oppose and protest (in a statement that is) the radical feminist and Planned Parenthood champion Gloria Steinem and her appearance at Saint Norbert Catholic College in Green Bay WI


For the inside facts on the case please see Father Z’s column- story but as reading please be ecumenically minded with the new types of Mercy required of your disposition


The type of Mercy required at Saint Norbert is when Jesus sat on the temple steps and braided franciscan type robe bands into a hemp rope the length of a whip and flipped over every false teacher’s gospel table of peaceful money and ecumenism exchanges with it

The false ecumenism then hit the level of US National News on CBS Television –

A leading Ny Jewish Rabbi is made a Catholic Papal Knight!

Many people called and wrote in to CBS in record numbers to ask if conversion is no longer required from other religions to be Catholic and if it is allowed to be another religion at the same time and or how to apply?!


This wasn’t ONLY small “c’ cardinal Dolan in the direction to bestow Catholic Knighthood on a Jewish Rabbi with no encouragement towards conversion to the Truth of the God that became man in Jesus Christ our Savior for every person’s required belief for Salvation – It was a “Papal direction” of the Ecumenical Jesuitism of the new rite

It was a clear statement by both the Jewish NY Community and the Catholic Church that no Jewish person ever need convert again – He can remain Jewish and still be “honorary Catholic” And wala, the ecumenism theology of the new Rite come to full praxis before your eyes.


Meanwhile neck and neck – minute to minute back on the front lines of the war “the people of the Catholic Church” in the US and various Western countries are under  full court press in on-going fierce battles in the defense against attacks against prohibition  of Abortion – Contraception –  Euthanasia and the Definition of Marriage–

The majority of the world is claiming the Catholic Church disagrees with the majority of protestant Christians in its theology and teachings on these subjects (which is true) and needs to be burnt to the ground !

So the Catholic Church of the US and in Rome instead turns it’s eyes – efforts and resources about face and towards Social Justice, and Green Peace issues, poverty – immigration, the environment and Ecumenism which instead become the core Theology behind what is celebrated everyday in the liberal west as the Novus Ordo (the 50 year old) New Rite of the Mass of the Catholic Church as component of it’s new worship system.

This is all while Hilary Clinton makes a public International Statement and says Abortion Rites will Trump Religious Liberty every time and to vote for her and she will see to it


From the USCB and it’s Bishops – no comments – no corrective teachings – “no comment” the Democrats are our friends $

Are we paying attention to where the big money is coming from to undermine the Sacred Tradition and Faith definition of marriage since the Bishops are not and will never talk about any “company, stock or business” for fear of violating new Rite ecumenism

Starbucks, Home Depo, Apple, Citigroup, Microsoft, and Coca-Cola are pouring hundreds of millions into social media to normalize sodomite relationships as a replacement for Traditional Marriage

Social conservatives may be funding the destruction of marriage: corporate watchdog – as seen here


The new bill the Democrats began pounding through Congress is for the US Military to be THE AGENCY to champion Transgender Rights – and if you oppose that ?! then you have no ecumenism and very little mercy towards Transvestites – The “IT” that Scripture prophesied would be the creation from below that would one day rise to power and I think your lack of Ecumenism and Mercy may be offending “it”

What do we get from the Vatican – Climate Change Program Partnerships and A Draft Committee For An Encyclical on the emergency

Meanwhile scientific data continues to pour out to the contrary !

TFP on the Climate Change heresy is located here


Our Pope tells us we must focus on being the Church of the Poor – which the other Catholic Church in the US translates to stripped down Churches and stripped down Liturgies –as their ecumenical interpretation of the Church of the poor

Translation = Under ten minutes or less social reflection homilies and the abandonment and reproachment of the Sacred teachings on hell to the tune of what Father Robert Barron now calls – a “dogmatic concept- an idea and not necessarily a real place” – This Priest propagates these errors though a Priestly formation he runs along with a Seminary and he appears on the other nationally known outlet EWTN which is now a code word for “a guaranteed Catholic heresy every hour on the hour”  to the point where you could not write fast enough to keep up with the in-writing opposition complaints that would be needed – Just quickly hit the off button – “sometimes” it’s easier

Where does Father Barron and EWTN get this stuff from ?! good question – Why from Karl Bath and Hans Von Balthasar of course ! They were touted theological gurus called “Periti” (Special consultants to Vatican II sessions) and this is nothing compared to the evil that is written in their books and teachings

What does it result in

If you have come back to the Catholic Church after decades of being away you should expect to find

The Sacramental Confessional becomes a broom closet – face to face buddy conversational confessions that are “nice” and not dark and scary with a warning about a place called hell – The Sacred Music Choir loft becomes the retired Church attic – And to quote the line in the Blues Brothers movie “in comes the band”– Sacred Relics disappear – Saints of beloved Intercessory power are moved to basements and rectory attics

The Ark of the Tabernacle is moved further and further from the Altar and replaced by either a plant or a Big Chair – modeled to look exactly like a Masonic Altar – Exactly

If you worship in a Sanctuary where Jesus Christ is off to the side or in another room and the Priest sits in a big Chair in the middle of the Sanctuary YOU are participating in the propagation of the theology of Ecclesiastical Freemasonry combined with 1970s – Nice and Cool !

Just like the Priestly vestments of the 1970s are “Really Groovy”_But aren’t we done with that now  ?! fabric_chasubles-of the grateful dead era ?! There’s a Catholic Restoration Movement underway in case the rest of the Church has not as of yet heard ?!

The 1960 and 1970s Priestly Vestments Designs Are Really 'Groovy'_But arent we done with that now  fabric_chasubles-vestments_02

There’s only so many protestant songs that you can try to make sound Catholic There “is” actually a  limit

COINCIDENTALLY AND ALSO FROM WISCONSIN comes another story relating this new Church of the Poor and Ecumenical Religions to the Question of whether or not this “Church of the Poor theology” translated into the Liturgy of the Poor does not run contrary to authentic Catholicism


A special report issued late last week in Catholic World Report by two Eastern Catholic Priests and subject matter experts  on this topic is at the following link below


In Washington DC on the front lines of the Defense of Marriage (minus the USCB- or any addresses from our Pope except on the current nice weather in Alaska) was  the open discussion as to whether the homosexual movement will turn to laws of Christian persecution

And the answer was unequivocally and repeatedly = yes it’s already begun…………

To see the video on the March led by “The American Society For Tradition, Family, and Property” please see it from their front page home page for the play button (includes local speakers and interviews in a 3 &1/2 minute news real update) http://www.tfp.org/

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