First  question comes in the world of Vatican intrigue which we usually do not get into and stick to the purely theological aspects of the authentic Faith and the upholding of Catholic social teaching as part of the Sacred Tradition elements of the Word of God

The question is in regards to the fact that we already know that there is a civil war within the Catholic Church underway but is there an even more intense one underway “within the Jesuits” and having to do with their new theology on islam and the new widespread theologically shifting sand of protestantism on homosexuality.

Is this a component of the new Catholic universalism touted by such high profile Catholic media figures such as Father Robert Barron with “ ALL PEOPLE have a reasonable hope that everyone will go to heaven” and the rest are dogmatic concept ideas” ?

At the Pontifical Oriental Institute it seems there are some that are planning on making that concept a “forced reality” The Priestly Prior was murdered and found in a nearby field – The Jesuits voted to bring in an Islamic expert to provide the new direction to the Catholic Pontifical Institute, their high ranking Monsignor at odds with the newly invented Catholic dogma on Islam defects from a prestigious chair (at the same University!)  to Eastern Orthodoxy.  The Jesuits then sweep the whole team out

Also here for your cross reference is the vanilla version of the same story

Pope Francis then receives Conference of high level European Rabbis in Rome

He repeatedly used the new ideological terminology called “dialogue” that Catholic theologians term false ecumenism – Does it meet the definitions of false ecumenism? Does he call for their conversion or for the hopes of them turning towards sharing the joy in becoming part of the Truth and global witnesses to the plain fact that the Old Covenant has been abrogated (revoked) in it’s fulfillment in a New Covenant that has transpired between God and mankind ?! – Discern for yourselves from within the transcript of his own words if anything like that transpired or instead a new Catholic theology is publicly introduced to the Jewish people

In studying Catholic theology and ecclesial  history I find it to be disconcerting and a rupture with the understanding of the writings of 2000 years of Canonized Saints and high ranking Roman Congregations of the Faith of Catholicism and very similar to that of the strange newly created quasi Catholic theology on Islam that was invented only within the past several years

Traditional and or Conservative oriented Catholic Bishops are being deposed right and left – They just forced out yet another relatively good Bishop because he reported the suspected sexual abuse of a Priest in his diocese past the legal limit and six months after it happened

Bishop Robert Finn forced to step down by the Vatican- story below

Similarly a brave Scottish priest writes a book about the Catholic Priests Mafia in control of Church of Scotland

He is suspended and demoted and it is claimed publically by the Scotland Catholic Church that there are no high ranking homosexuals or conspiracies to maintain same

Mind you subsequent to his book publication and the condemning of him with the statement of no high ranking homosexuals are in decision making positions of influence in the Church – the Cardinal in Scotland admits a permanent homosexual affair but it stands they said, he’s still suspended

Meanwhile outright criminal Bishops are spending millions of dollars of their Parishioners hard earned money on the construction of luxury retirement homes with pools and grand extensive world class libraries – and allocating millions through their votes in the USCB towards groups that advocate euthanasia, abortion, prescription contraception distribution inside of vaccines to 3rd world country mothers, and pro-sodomy organizations while simultaneously closing Churches and  Schools without a fight

One of the heads of the USCB’s main Charity Organization CRS (Catholic Relief Services) is a man married to another man and is a public activist advocate for sodomite marriages and against laws that uphold marriage between one man and one woman as just reported

Also here for your cross reference is the vanilla version of the same story

Meanwhile the Jesuits hammer away not only on the new islamic dogmas that the Sacred Scripture scholar and theologian Scott Hahn has publicly spoken out against but also the social tract that continues full force down the rabbit hole of “Liberation Theology”

Facing an onslaught of criticism of their plans to Beatify Oscar Romero, Pope Francis declares him a hero to liberation theology, a martyr and schedules beatification in September 2015 and that as a martyr (which was also fiercely debated) no miracles will be required

It’s a miracle enough that they Beatified him, Romero’s beatification process was blocked during the papacies of John Paul II and Benedict XVI both of whon were opposed to both Liberation Theology and Oscar Romero

Meanwhile a powerhouse of Saintly man – The Polish Edmund Bojanowski from the late 1800s and his steadfast claims of the necessity towards public works of Catholic Faith and Charity is stalled ?! somewhere ?! we don’t know where

How about Blessed John Duns Scotus ?  A Dogmatic hero and theological defender of Our Lady and the Immaculate Conception from the 1600s a monster size Franciscan of the Immaculata – cause for Canonization is ?! where exactly (maybe offensive to new rite dialogue with protestants? nah)

Obviously at the very least they are far behind the agenda of the reigning liberation Jesuitism for sure

Let me refresh my ecclesial historical memory again – The Jesuits were suppressed on and off for over 150 years in the history of the Catholic Church but officially and close to abolishment for 25 years in the 1700s at the time of ______”the French Revolution’s………………..

Liberation Theology …..(very good ) and the ideology of ? ………you guessed it Freemasonry ……(amazing how things are so connected when you actually study them )

along with the heavy unbearable weight the Church has placed upon the new Rite’s orientation to protestant ecumenism with a mass defection underway by the majority of protestantism towards the social enshrinement of sodomy – What does this new Rite’s theology do now ….? as the world now anxiously awaits the Pope of the Catholic Church to change the religion of the Body of Christ in the Church established by Jesus Christ himself

The modern connection to the homosexual network

And the kindle version of the book “The Suppression of the Jesuits” is located here