Calling All Catholic Soldiers

On Thursday evening April 23rd at 6:00pm Holy innocents NYC will offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for the Feast of Saint George in honor of all Catholic soldiers

Msgr Ambrosio the pastor of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Newark NJ will offer the Sacrifice and will have with him in his possession a 1st class relic of Saint George that will be venerated at the Communion Rail

Knights of the Constantinian Order of St. George will be in attendance

Saint George

 On Friday evening April 24th @ Holy innocents there will be a Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for Saint Fidelis the martyr followed by a Vigil Rally for Peace for the Christians of the Middle East and the World under persecution by militant heretics. The Mass will be offered by Father Christopher Salvatore of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, NYC

A priestly led Candlelit Marian procession to Herald Square and Time Square will commence at 7:30pm and calls upon the Knights of our Lady and all spiritual Catholic soldiers to participate, bring their Holy Rosaries and Icons

St. Fidelis of Sigmaringen was a martyr, an apologist, a theologian, and an advocate of Christian soldiers. During the Catholic Counter Reformation in the late 1500s AD, a battler against heretics he was promoted to the Prior of the Roman Dicastry of the Congregation of the Propaganda On April 24, in a campaign organized by the Habsburgs, Fidelis was preaching under protection of some Austrian imperial soldiers in the Church at Seewis with the aim to reconvert the people of Seewis to Catholicism. During the sermon, he was maryted by militant calvinists that penetrated the Austrian Imperial guard
Event flyer and high resolution link below the photo flyer

Prayer Rally For Peace

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Special treat for this Saturday’s Feast of Saint Mark

In the Battle of Lepanto the Catholic Maritime States, although greatly out numbered, defeated the Islamic attack of the Ottoman Empire Turks           Saturday April 25th at 12:00pm A commemoration of the alliance of Lepanto , the Society of St. Hugh of Cluny will have a Solemn High Mass for the Feast of St. Mark at the historic Church of Our Lady of Esperanza, the second Spanish-language church in New York City

In honor of the third annual Hispanic Heritage Pilgrimage and one hour prior to Holy Mass there will be a guided  tour of the wonderful collections of the Hispanic Society of America (located next door) Please attend via the following public announcement

Website resources for the Society of Cluny and the Hispanic Society of America follow the flyer below

Mass for St. Mark - Our Lady of Esperanza - 25 April 2015[4] - Version 2

Related stories amongst the Vatican insiders and traditional Catholic video and print news as follows:

In case you have not seen Christopher Ferrara’s video on Pope Francis synopsis teachings on Islam as a “A religion of Peace”  from just a few weeks back Wow, here he is timely and completely on point! We won’t use the word heresy with our own Pope but would instead call it a severely misguided ideology of a former Catholic hierarchy (a prosperity gospel with threads of universalism and syncretism have infiltrated the Church) which is something that the Catholic world will not be able to “ideologically’ return to nor sustain

I would instead point you to Christopher Ferrara – (who along with John Salza is one of the leaders of the Catholic Lawyers Guild and a public traditional Catholic speaker)  – 9 min video found here – as a reliable source of authentic Catholicism

▶ 8:56

Also of more authentic reliability

 What did the Saints say about Islam ? On 1 Peter 5

In the “”actual” Christian Islamic News through the excellent and reliable sources outside of the corrupted US govt media and US Catholic propaganda media the whole host of Clarian Project resources can be trusted to tell you what actually happened

another comparative acceptable source is Catholic Herald UK

Or Robert Spencer’s books, speaking engagement, and Jihad watch apostolate

May Our Lady Queen of Peace (the peace that surpasses understanding) be with you