The powerhouse of our late Cardinal, His Eminence Francis George, that passed away this past Friday, may God rest his soul, became a unique part of the restoration he began and  part of new treasure store houses being built up on a daily basis

As Archbishop of Illinois he kicked it off at the run down and defunct St. Gelasius Church in the south-side of Chicago

Within and surrounded by a mix of college communities, abject poverty, and protestantism his Eminence Francis George kicked off the restoration of the magnificent structure and it’s convergence to a national Shrine of Christ the King

The restoration is on-going and it could conceivably take decades (as all large major works of Sacred Architecture and worship take) but it is underway! Amidst a thriving Traditional community the Cardinal gifted to the Order of Christ the King Sovereign Priest the expanding location as their national headquarters ICKSP is the order that also runs the Oratory of Saint Anthony of Padua in West Orange, NJ

A financial gift to the Chicago restoration efforts towards the level of a National Shrine of Christ the King is a great way to supplant the funds we once use to donate to the Bishops appeals prior to discovering that the USCB regularly givies our money to pro-abortion and pro-homosexual marriage groups

The story, the success, and the video can be found here owing to the Cardinal’s understanding of the path that Catholic restoration must take to reverse the destruction wrought upon our Holy Mother Church

Restoration § Shrine of Christ the King, Chicago and video in the link     

Due to his Holy inspiration there are now seventy holy Seminarians dedicated to formation in this one Ecclesia Dei order . You heard /read that first correctly – I did not list seven – double take on that one but = SEVENTY !

The Cardinal’s restoration of Sacred Architecture, Sacred Music, Sacred Art, and Sacred Liturgy and the building of Traditional Catholic communities only began at the ICKP Shrine . Look at what he did as he expanded it to Saint John of Cantius

Restoration of the Sacred – The Legacy of Cardinal George

may he rest in Peace

Video on the Cardinal’s restoration of Saint John Cantius in Chicago, Ill and photo posts of the Pontifical Masses he offered there are located here


And so the Catholic Restoration Begins !

The Abbey of Mariawald,  Trappist Monastery in Germany, (Spring 2015) just became the first Trappist monastery to form a complete return to the pre-conciliar Mass and pre-conciliar liturgical books & the Divine Office !

Cardinal Sarah discusses the fruits of Summorum Pontificorum in his new book and in extensive talks he gave this past March of 2015 to a large and mixed group of academia, religious, and laity in Paris on the subject of the Traditional Rite being a key part of the new Catholic renewal !

Father Z ( April 2015) just reported that a beautiful new Canon just became available for Pontifical Masses for Bishops using the Extraordinary Form and provides resource links and color photo post of the Sacral quality of the new works

FSSP North American District Seminarians simulate the entering of Christ the King into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday 2015 with their Ecclesia Dei Order now having hit 144 Seminarians ! and growing

Father in heaven – send us more of your Holy Priests !

Requiem aeternam dona ei, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat ei. Requiescat in pace.

Cardinal George

Francis Cardinal George, Eighth Archbishop of Chicago

1937 – 2015