As our Pontiff very often says one thing in public statements outside of either encyclicals or infallible declarations but does another

The Voice of the Family (which is an international initiative of faithful Catholic laity) expresses concern over appointment of Cardinal Dew to Roman dicasteries | VoTF|

Dew becomes one of the Cardinalate leaders of “Evangelization of Peoples and The Pontifical Council for Christian Unity”

Tradition Family and Property institutes a public petition to The Pontiff on Marriage and Family against multiplying liberal and dissident Catholic pressure groups

Vatican: Council of Cardinals has bishop accountability ‘on the table’ – Vatican Insider

Cardinal Robert Sarah gives clear unambiguous teaching about the correlation of countries with Christianity in radical decline and the corollary to their liberal dissenting Bishops & Cardinals

Cardinal Brandmuller – Makes clear who are the heretic Bishops within the Catholic Church

At the Vatican the radically liberal heterodox “Sisters” that are the Leaders of the major women’s religious orders in the United States met with the Holy Father in business suits yesterday and won a temporary peace treaty despite the destruction they’ve wrought upon the Church and the young Catholics in the US for decades.