USCCB Continues To Promote The Word Dialogue With Islam

“Dialogue’ ?! There is no dialogue in Sacred Scripture or Sacred Tradition – Jesus teachings on marriage for instance caused hundreds of people that were following him to run away from him

There is still no correctives planned by the USCB for the heretical errors on Islam in the “the little white book” (the 1996 Catholic Catechism)

Persecution predicted by Our Lady of Fatima unfolding now

High-profile Rome exorcist: ‘ISIS is Satan’ :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

Muslims Storm University in Kenya Separate Christians and Muslims and Kill 147 People suspected of being Christians

Islamic State has a TV channel to cover executions

Danish queen: “It is vital that we give Islam opposition”

UK Report: Muslim Women Being Abused By Sharia Law Courts

Cardinal Willem Eijk, of the Netherlands states that due to the Vatican II edict bans on proselytization and evangelization and due to the new method of “dialogue” the Netherlands will be establishing new “dialogue” with realtors and close 1000 Churches and eliminate roughly 2/3rds of the Catholic Church in the Netherlands