For the first time in one full generation in New York City a Traditional Holy Week Liturgy saw between 400 and 500 people attend

Photos from Good Friday Liturgical Office of The Passion and also Veneration of the Cross according to the Missal of John XXIII, as balconies are opened for the first time for standing room only overflow conditions

For all the other Traditional High Solemnities between 200 and 300 people attend each

Good Friday _2015_01

Good Friday _2015_03Good Friday _2015_02Good Friday _2015_09Good Friday _2015_04Good Friday _2015_06Good Friday _2015_08Good Friday _2015_07Ressurection Sunday 2015

Vox in Rama (the volunteer choir at Holy Innocents) devoutly sang the setting Les sept paroles de N. S. Jésus-Christ sur la croix by Charles Gounod!

The music for this Liturgy included beautiful Gregorian chant, as well as settings by Tomás Luís de Victoria (Reproaches), Guillaume-Gabriel Nivers (Crux fidelis), Juan Francés de Iribarren, Giacomo Antonio Perti (motet), Tomás Luís de Victoria (motet), Thomas Tallis (motet), and the crowd parts of the Passion by Francisco Guerrero. Fr. Leonard Villa and Fr. Louis Van Thanh sang the Passion very skillfully.


Saw a great article on One Peter Five that I wanted to share ( Sounds like our house in the winter – One day soon we’re going to build a fireplace)

We Are All Broken: Bearing the Cross of Our Infirmities – OnePeterFive

Spy Wednesday Tenebrae: Catholicism’s Office of Darkness that begins the Triduum

Great photo-post and photo-journalism coverage from Wyoming Catholic College

Peter Kwasnieski’s amazing article on “The Defense of Holy Images” ( Against the post-modern Iconoclasm era that is slowly coming to a close !)

Kwasnieski in our view is one of those few theologians, sacred music professors, and writers that understands the inner essence of what is going on in the Church, present and past, and in presenting all it’s vast complexities he does so in a simplified form that is not just for the academic audiences but for everyone

His newest book is excellent and is quickly becoming a best seller “Resurgent In The Midst Of Crisis”

You can read a reliable review of it here on Angelico Press (an or buy it elsewhere like on Amazon 2nd hand /used like I usually do)