Firstly – Cremation is not an option for Catholics ever

The ecumenism attempted in Vatican II with other religions was initially formulated towards liturgical protestants but once the 2nd session achieved a very different selection make up from the 1st session of eligible Council voters to a liberal majority by John XXIII’s unprecedented rules change it was quickly extended to mostly all religions

Theological detractors that make the case for a hermeneutic of rupture site the works by their theologians and books written by Bishops and Cardinals of the era that were in a clear attempt of marching towards a universal religion ideology

One of the Vatican II ecumenical legislations that came forth from Vatican II that was a direct attempt at ecumenism with paganism via the subject of cremation. The majority of all ‘religious’ pagans have their bodies undergo it as a “Rite” and to which the Catholic Church vehemently had  forbidden for 95% of salvation history.

The only occasions were by a special indult or moto proprio in times of plaque and to which the amount of ceremonies that followed for liturgical prayer services to bless the exceptions and to be forgiven in heaven were staggering in number and breath of Liturgical services

There were not that many recorded homilies against cremation throughout history because it was always expressly forbidden and clearly condemned


Once a person in pursuit of making every attempt to live in authentic Catholic Truth gets over his or her denials on the current state of the Catholic Church then the depths of prayer – study and understanding that can be achieved are limitless We must come to terms with the fact that the Church and it’s teaching have been infiltrated and this IS NOT the first time by far that this has occurred – We have eras of Arianism and Jansenism just to name a few that were the theological majority for hundreds of years out of our 2000+ year salvation history – All wiped away and rightly corrected when Orthodox Catholicism re-took the Church leaderships and restored Truth and declared them to be full heresies

We are guaranteed not only that the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church but that IT WILL happen again

I will provide for you evidence and similar factual analogies


Vatican II allowed suicide victims to buried in the consecrated ground of Catholic cemeteries – Obviously an apostasy

Do you realize that when the Throne of Peter and the Cardinalate it is retaken…once the Catholic Restoration reaches the top of the Church that everything will change

Every single person that was buried in ceremonial fashion following out and out suicide will be dug up and removed from all Catholic cemeteries and the ground will be re-consecrated and Holy Mass will be Sacrificed in the center of the graveyards

This is NOT to judge or say who went to purgatory or hell – The excellent example is the bodies I saw that rained down from the World Trade Centers that the majority did not see – The flames were about to overtake them and if they were among the Faithful Baptized without mortal sin prior to escaping the fires – then as we pray ALL the time in our Divine Offices that they were given a chance to enter Purgatory and burn it off in the purgatorial flames of holy purification that they chose to enter instead, which guarantees them heaven one day after their long suffering

If we do not tell it like it is than Scripture says “We then become judges of the law”

In the Church Restoration movement ‘errant theology” by majority will end’

Renowned public figure Father Robert Barron known most for the Catholicism Series on DVD amongst other public speaking engagements and television appearances regularly airs his heretical views on salvation

He claims that EVERYONE has a reasonable hope of being saved and we don’t know if heaven and hell are even really places or mindsets

What need of we for repentance, the sacrament of Penance, Holy Mass, Funeral plots ?! Is my Body going to re-unite with my soul and have access to heaven and earth and walk the very ground again where I live now or not ?! The legacy of Catholicism teaches the answer is definitively yes

Why else would the Bodies of potential Saints be examined so closely for corruption or incorruptibility – (one example among dozens)

Another is the new Church theology on Judas – apropos for yesterday’s Spy Wednesday Tenebrae and tonight’s betrayal at the Holy Shroud linen that laid across the first Altar of Sacrifice of Maundy Thursday

The new the Church theology dictates that in the same way that Jesus had to die on the Cross it was his destiny it extends to Judas, in that he did what he did because ‘it was his destiny’

That’s heresy – Judas had free will and the fall of creation gave him an option to die forever with his sins or live forever in the fulfillment of the old law

Judas committed suicide – Judas went directly TO HELL – The ground where they put him is damned and nothing can grow there to this day !

The destiny of Judas Iscariot -related subjext is found here

As we visit our Dead in the cemeteries this Lent and  as we revisit the Liturgies of Lent, we are confident with more than just hope and Faith but with the possession of the Supernatural that the real Church that Jesus Christ established will again be restored even before the 2nd coming

Where reformation theology and the like go astray among other places is their Scriptural interpretation of “Parousia” (they interpret it with a host of new dogmas about the 2nd coming – mid-air tribulation and the like) When in fact Catholic etymology interpretation is “Presence”  and the authentic exegetical interpretation is on the Real Presence of the Body of the Lamb ! Every time Parousia/Presence is mentioned in Scripture there authentic Catholic exegesis has a corollary to a Scripture in Revelation on the traditional Liturgy !

One example here is the extensive Raising of Lazarus in the Liturgy of Lent

Another is

The long fraught for restoration reform of Liturgies of Lent that was finally instituted in the 1950s – were abolished less than ten years later when a liberal majority took control of the Ecclesiastical hierarchy at Vatican II with an eye towards teaching instead an exegetical universalism

Mark my words in the time that will come even before the age of your grandchildren have lived their lives out – they will see every illegal body buried in consecrated ground  exhumed under interdict and buried in fields similar to the one Judas was buried in that can still be visited and pilgrimaged to this very day

As it becomes more organized the reform of the reform must be internal and militant We do not advocates schisms or support sede-vaticanism it must be a militant Holy Restoration and from (by majority) within the laity of Holy Mother Church

May our Sorrowful Mother be with you on this  Maundy Thursday the light within the Tantum Ergo