If traveling with family this week there are other options I did not list the other day for lack of space in posting Traditional Holy Week Liturgical schedules in the greater region

Holy Week schedule of Mater Ecclesia, Berlin NJ is located here –


In addition to Mater Ecclesia the 15 other locations in NJ that practice the Tridentine Rite can be found here


 * Of historical and future restoration interest in New Jersey *

Firstly the listings for NJ here are much older than the rest and you will notice in the link ( the 2nd of which I have found with this archive information ) that at one point Saint Antoninus in Newark,NJ  was offering both a Traditional Latin Mass as well as a Charismatic style of the Novus Ordo Mass on Sundays at this Parish  which also had a period of closure. Saint Antoninus no longer offers the TLM and abolished it more than several years ago now

The current Church was built in the 1940s on top of the Church that was built in the late 1800s by a Dominican apostolate and architectural charge constructed a self contained Dominican complex on the site replete with a five story Friary, a two story Convent (with Chapel in each) and a Catholic School that could accommodate up to 500 children – of which I have met former graduates of in the management of the US District of the Fujitsu fiberoptic company, of Italian working class heritage that were instructed by Saint Antoninus Dominican nuns – The school, like most US Catholic schools,  fell following the implementation of Vatican II. The Friary was converted to a rectory and the convent to a Catholic apostolate residence.  The French Dominican cloistered Monastery just a block and half away became resources links for each other, of both funds and new novitiates. The former Monastery has been preserved and several elements partially restored (including internal Chapel and bell tower) under the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal

Saint Antoninus Church is on the opposite end of South Orange Avenue from Seton Hall University, a little over two miles. (Newark to South Orange, NJ)  The original Church beneath it, constructed in the 1880s , was not preserved. Some of the 3ft tall stations of the Cross (in dilapidated condition) are still extant on the walls of the old lower Church and velum & mylar blue prints of the infrastructure are still extant

To turn this lower Church into a Traditional Chapel to offer special Masses on Feast days and the like would require a benefactor $ interested in restoration from the Sacred Arts communities – The water and infrastructure damage is minimal – (some areas may require mold removal contract) Overall the Structure is sound –and it would be an interesting restoration project as the site seems to be of a vintage that would be applicable for federal landmark grant status given the right team familiar with federal granting.

Many people do not know that Saint Antoninus, the saint, was a pre-reformation Saint from Florence Italy and a most outstanding doctrinal and ecclesiastical writer

He wrote an amazing discourse on the Dogma of Hell including documented interviewed eye witnesses who had been there on the brink of death between two worlds and came back to give testimony of the life changing experience about the horrors they saw there

He wrote several an expository on Eucharistic devotion

As there were several Saint Antoninus’ the one of Dominican teaching charism in the 1400s AD  was from Florence -and he is sometimes confused with other Saint Antoninus saints of antiquity but not in his writings

He also wrote extensively on the subject of subject of ‘Usury’ (Interest banking)) just prior to the out-break of the protestant reformation – He actually prophesied in a Summa Theologica of his, that I read through thoroughly, on his predictions that over throwing the Catholic Church’s ban on loans and interest in business would change the world and potentially create a schism in the Church of which people would potentially reverse engineer a religion around in order to substantiate a new world system – He identified it as a wide spread Catholic Church crisis that was not being addressed properly
As black market lending businesses began to break out he preached against the silence of other Bishops and it was their silence that subsequently led to the creation of a new socio-political-economic system under the guise of protestantism – which was led in many areas of different nations by former Catholic laity and clergy that were part of the state class and merchant classes

This sector in various countries felt that the families of the elites, the royalists, loyal to the papal throne, the nobility, the Catholic military forces of various nations, and the Ecclesial hierarchy controlled what they saw as an impenetrable bloc of international capital that was also in their view monarchical and essentially theocratic – The groups that opposed Dominican thought at the time essentially wanted to break free from the theocracy not for the objections to theocracy per se’ ,  but to the resident economic system and to a lesser extent the social system that existed beneath the lineage of theocracy.

Later in the period immediately following,  the difficulty in funding the fight in the Catholic counter reformation at the same time as the final Crusades – (which always kept the islamic mohammadanism heresy in check) was a financial drain on the Catholic states to the point where it could no longer fight a two front battle and it conceded to over turn Catholic teaching on “interest banking’

Scholars latter point to Saint Antoninus teachings that prove that his defense of upholding Catholic teaching against the systems of banking and interest to be the very thing, when broken by protestantism, was indirectly financially responsible for the greatest rise of Islam since it’s creation from their first days of worshiping moon gods as polytheists The islamicists became huge tribes of thieves that shook down any entity that came through the Arabian peninsula– Hence their reputation as thieves and Saint Antoninus substantiation of the evils of Usury by the examples of the support of the mohammadanists

Of precedent here is the point that Saint Antoninus raised that Catholic social teaching should never be subject to change but the sins of the people could force it to change whence the cooperation of Bishops errs to the side of that of ‘collaborators’ – Another example is the several reversals on the subject of capital punishment as the people kept calling for Barabas to have the potential to be released to them ……Sound familiar ?!

To learn what will happen next just study Catholic history and doctrine as history always repeats itself through the fall of creation

Jesus said ‘ Moses did say, but from the beginning I tell you that it was not so”

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