Prayer requests on this Holy Tuesday for the Catholic Bishops as they merge right and left with the Democrats machine, taking elected Republicans down with them as they expunge Catholic Education & Media silence as the heresies spread abroad and escalate like a plague into full Apostasy.

Terry Bean, the rich, influential, west coast developer, lead Obama funder, and homosexual activist in the news or NOT in the news?! – Main stream media suppresses all stories on sex charges: Rape of a 15 year old boy – Should national media pay more attention to Democratic fundraiser’s arrest? Portland Oregon

Mainstream TV must be banned from the viewing of children as Disney /ABC embraces the culture of death , X – Rated Dan Savage and  full approval and public promotion of homosexuality, along with the current consensus of education professionals about what is to be taught in Public Schools, Charter and Catholic schools on sexuality, social history, changing civil rights, sociology, and international history.

In pursuit of their true prize and trophy the Democrats push harder on Transgendered Rights. US military leaders quietly concerned about proposal to lift ban on transgender troops as the radical anti-Catholic liberalism marches deeper into the country

It arose AGAIN through, you guessed it, the Democratic propaganda machine that is knee deep partnered with the US Catholic Bishops.

You will remember in 2013 when Common Core broke and Conservative Catholicism fired red flares into the air along with raised red flags

As top Catholic scholars condemned the import of anti- scholasticism and anti-Catholic Common Core literature of their revisionist history, & science books resident within today’s public and charter schools and into the veins of what remained of the Catholic school system in the US and by force

Well that was 2013 and that fight is all but over except in the bastions of the Traditional trenches, as the Democrats successfully export Common Core from public and charter schools into 75% of Catholic schools like main -lining poison into the veins of children.

What we need to look into next is which entities if any are tracking how people have pulled their children from Catholic schools and made the decision to go “homes schooling” and or build shared resources of regional home schooling “networks” that are Traditional Catholic and are currently immune from any infiltration.

The numbers are large and growing  but no resources for home schooling will be officially backed by the majority of Catholic Bishops The current ‘generational ideology’ opposes anything and everything that is Catholic tradition and or Catholic restoration

Other key examples

The International Catholic apostolate ministry ‘Courage’ that encourages people with same sex attraction to consider a life of abstinence and sacrifice in order to avoid mortal sin is fighting to become a part of the upcoming Fall Synod – The current crop of Bishops obviously believes traditional Catholic teaching to be ‘politically incorrect’ and to be avoided so having them included has about as much chance as having  a pro-life group included in the NYC Saint Patrick’s Day Parade

In Ireland, hundreds of Priests across the emerald isle banded together to publish a united communique to the Irish citizens on the national referendum up for vote on homosexual marriage – Broadcasting the crystal clear message that we cannot and will not tell the Irish people how to vote on this issue” !

When the heresy emerged , all the Bishops in Europe should have denounced the Irish Catholic Church, particularly the Irish Bishops for not internationally broadcasting rebuke

Therefore it is not the Priests that are the heretics. We ‘re not protestants. They are mere subjects of the Bishops – The Bishops are the heretics

A good percentage of them, by contrast, have no problem rebuking German Bishops (for obvious ulterior motives) because of their post WWII anti- German bias

NCR reported on ONE weak statement Irish Bishops issued that they “cannot support such a referendum” – full stop – No outrage no rebuke – just “Cant’ do it” –

Ireland in crisis – Story below

Other Catholic Priests publicly call their Faithful to rebuke the current Church teachings and vote yes

One of the Priests two months ago in January, from among the Dolan clain in Myra Ireland came out of the closet during his Homily at Mass!

One  week ago the United Nations approved full Benefits for all of it’s workers that admittedly engage in homosexuality and urged international businesses from all over the world to do the same – This obviously indirectly (and some may say directly)  promotes public proclamation of homosexuality, on an international scale.

From the pulpits of the Hagia Sophia would have come rebuke of princes and royalty….at the cost of martyrdom the likes of the Saint Augustines of the world….in Holy bravery the John the Baptists would echo the condemnation in the Royal Court of Herod for taking his brother’s wife (Mathew 14:1-13) without fear of loosing his head – no pun intended

At the bottom of the well hell is a very real place with  all it’s horrors that they plummet towards -mind boggling.

As the Church marches towards the Via Delorosa we call for prayers for the Catholic Bishops – the end of denial amongst the Catholic laity and the “Church of Nice” – May a “Holy anger”  rise amongst the Faithful Catholic men to reform the ranks of the Church militant and fight against the ax that is hard at the root of the tree of Catholic education and hand in hand with the push back amongst the Bishops at front lines of Catholic restoration

Let us spend an hour this Holy Week

meditating on The Five Wounds

mediating on the Holy Face of Jesus

Have Faith and hope that our prayers and reparation for the offenses against the Two Hearts as both we and they march toward Golgatha will issue efficacious Grace towards their conversion.

Seven Sorrows Of Our Lady _2015