Asceticism and Sacred Music make huge comebacks in the Church – and in various sectors are usually followed by Sacred Architecture & Sacred Art Restoration

New Liturgical Movement: Monks of Norcia Sign with Recording Label

Chart-topping Benedictine nuns to drop new album for Easter :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

Samples of the Nun’s Easter at Ephesus that followed their sorrowful Lenten journey can be found here in a completely different context

( * It must be difficult to practice in advance out of season chants when you are livings out the chant in prayer life in another season…they must be spiritual masters*)

ICKSP Has made available free and published the Sacred Music & Gregorian Chant, Propers of Mass in adobe acrobat pdf format for Holy Week !

Compare to the sung parts of the Mass even prior to the existence of the Franciscans ! and on close inspection you will find them to be so close it’s scary !

On the Restoration of Sacred Music – same line of thought but with an added wealth of resources

Articles on Sacred Architecture and Art restoration

The role of the Faithful on ‘the promoting and the honoring’ of Sacred Architecture & Sacred Music & Art

Also do not forget the Canons Regular of Saint John Cantius and their associates – Now completely dedicated to restoration of the Sacred

Take heart the Church will survive this Pontificate and these seemingly multiplying off the rails Bishophric administrations. They are of an age, an ideology and a school of thought that is coming to an end

Passiontide 2015 – Photos from around the loop

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Passiontide_2015_03 Passiontide_2015_04 Passiontide_2015_05 Passiontide_2015_06 Passiontide_2015_07