Revelations on Catholic Cemeteries In The Archdiocese of Newark from faithful devout Catholics – Part I

On a search through my Italian /Irish heritage for the grave of an Irish Grandfather  that passed away when my mother was little and family was forced to send my mother back to Ireland to live with an Aunt until she was almost a teenager there were treasures to be found

On a hint from my late mother’s sister , Aunt Peg , that he was in an unmarked grave in an old WWI part of Holy Cross cemetery in North Arlington NJ and with an aged yellow scrap of parchment from the 1930s my wife and I went searching to find him pray the Office of the Dead over the grave and gather information to have the headstone marked

Holy Cross North Arlington _002

With palm Cross in hand on Passion Sunday, the kick-off of a traditional week where Catholics honor our dead at the grave on the spot where they will rise on the last day and re-unite with their souls, there we trudged.

Told that he might be in a section of Mullins families or in the grave of a Mullins from the same area of County Mayo, Ireland we walked up and down the rows looking for signs

And there we found him, Patrick Mcnamara on a freezing March day under a gigantic gravestone already engraved and marked by his WWI Veterans association – He was attached to the 141st Regiment of the Infantry He passed away in 1930 was born in the late 1800s and was only in his 30s when he passed away

Holy Cross North Arlington _003Patrick McNamara

He was an active member of the Society of the Propagation of the Faith which I found out was difficult and or rare for lay people to be members of This Society is still extant and was latter converted to a Mission Society- obviously decimated under the post-conciliar regime along with all the major missions of conversion, and is now a Pontifical Mission called “One Family In Mission”

Holy Cross North Arlington _005

Some of our family are buried here in this vast Catholic Cemetery, the rest of my family is buried in the oldest part of Holy Name Cemetery in Jersey City, NJ (that was full in the first section before WWI ended and) where some of the elaborately carved grave stones are taller than three story buildings

Even before finding him we explored the head stone makers and cemetery flower shops aside the main road that runs along the cemetery and we learned some grave tales about the graves

We learned of the Archdiocese is muscling in to their lifelong family businesses of stone carving and stone engraving and their century long of generational families working through Catholic workers guilds and using Catholic union labor to be nearing an end at the hands of the Bishops

We found a State law law suit underway and proposed legislation from last year initiated by generations of Catholic family cemetery workers and business owners (uninitiated royalty)

To stop the forced take over of these family grave stone businesses by Bishop Meyer state bills of legislation were proposed that would prohibit religious entities that own or operate cemeteries from manufacturing or selling memorials, funeral vaults, mausoleums or funeral homes. The bills would also ban religious cemeteries from renting or leasing space to funeral homes and from arranging management contracts with any company that owns funeral homes and protect the families, some of which are three generations in the business and seek to protect themselves from the Bishops of the Church that are seeking to slowly put them out of business and adopt them for their own.

Before we give you Meyer’s response we would remind you that the re-union of Church and State is something we were taught that the Catholic Church should seek to return to if it did not want to live under the reign of the Obama’s of the world

It was put forth in detail on a most famous encyclical by Pius XI called Quas Primas on every Catholic person’s obligation to towards the propagation of the return of the reign of Christ the King – The doctrinal basis of Viva Christo Rey

The archbishop of Newark, John J. Myers, then urged Catholics to oppose the bills, saying they would violate the separation of church and state?!….wow

He takes a secular stand when it suits him and to defend their mansions

It’s like the days hundreds of years ago of the families of castles and corrupt Bishops have returned

Fast forward 2015 Catholic Mens Conference – Catholic Cemeteries with an unfair advantage and access to Catholics actively solicit Catholic men in selling head stones and offers to engrave loved ones head stones at discounts

With myself included having been contacted by a Monica Bernardes a Newark Archdiocese representative offering same said services

This is how they raise funds to pay for the construction of Bishop retirement mansions and new age Chapels that violate Catholic teaching – Catholic Diocese spokespersons like Mr. Goodness will tell you that the funds to pay for settlements of sex abuse cases or re-sale of closed Churches and schools are unrelated funds This is at the same time that donations that have been solicited for in the pews for the Bishops Annual Appeal have percentages going directly to the heretical CCHD and CRS culture off death organizations

It’s so bad that the Pontiff’s replacement for Meyer , Bishop Hebda has himself publicly questioned Meyer and it has not been invisible from the media again as recent as last spring

Amongst the secular priests and the new rite Dicastries it’s spreading like a plague from Diocese to Diocese – I could give you many examples but I’ll give you one from just late last year

In Philadelphia rather than go bankrupt from the law suits the Diocese dumped ALL their cemeteries into a $60M lease and sold out the Catholic grave diggers union and gave them a 24 month employment deal with with one of the stone companies who will obviously lay them all off en masse in less than a year and a half from now and use competitive street scale workers – Bishop Chaput urged Catholics to try to ‘like the deal’ and  that it’s good for them and the red and blue kool aid basically both taste the same

Deal to lease archdiocesan cemeteries closes, workers retain jobs

Hold onto your seat it gets better

We get brave and decide to drive over to the new Catholic Chapel at the Mausoleum that took decades to build we new it would be bad and really modern but we didn’t know how bad

To protect my family I cautioned my wife that maybe she should stay in the vehicle with our daughter while I went ahead a surveyed how bad it was

My friends it’s like something out of the planet of the apes in a post apocalyptic era, you walk in to a high marble wall past a glass enclosed office of the director and you see it

A new age religion chapel completely in the round with a round marble Altar, and marble floors and walls –no Saints – no icons – no tabernacle –no red light – no physical  Jesus

The only thing that tells you that it’s Christian is a suspended Crucifix (from wires) in the center…which was added after this photo-journalism story was published – picture inset within the link below – brace yourself –” it’s a Catholic Church interior ”

– It looks like an Altar described to us in scripture of Amalek where they sacrifice the babies

It makes sense because the majority of people being put into this place are being burned into ashes into the walls like the the pagan cultures & the Egyptians did and in violation of the continuity of centuries of Catholic tradition  teaching of including DOZENS of previous Popes that called the burning of the dead a pagan practice- It’s basically an Altar room for a Rite of burning

In the side canal ante rooms are statues that were stolen from the closed Sacred Heart in Vailsburg section of Newark, another debacle of a story for another time

Under Meyer’s watch Saint Patrick from Sacred Heart in Vailsburg is sold to the patrons of an Irish bar See him here in the back room of the bar – The other statues from Sacred Heart in Vailsburg you can see in the heresy that they call a Catholic Chapel at North Arlington NJ put off in these ‘ante rooms’ outside of the Chapel just like a museum tour of what it ‘use to be like’

For a description of what the heck is going on see this overview story on a Catholic News blog called From The Field in story called “Ugly as Sin, Catholic Church Architecture since Vatican II” (scroll down mid page for the article in the link)

The Vatican II iconoclasm many Church architects believe ended at the end of the 1980s of in the 1990s There is clear evidence that it continues not in the culture wars outside the Church but extends to the civil war within the Catholic Church – inside Sacred Art and Sacred Music as well

What is iconoclasm ? The early Church heresy …How has it reemerged powerfully from Vatican II along with the re-emergence of schools of Arianism thought within the Church ? A more fuller description of how is it uniquely related to the encroaching heresy of Catholic false ecumenism with the pagan gods of Islamic Muhammadanism can be found here in the Catholic Encyclopedia

It just so happens that I attended an in-depth Symposium with multiple speakers on this topic this past weekend at the East Side Marriott, In Manhattan on Sacred Art- Sacred Architecture and reversing this trend in Catholicism which included the acting president of the Irish Sacred Architects the Keelys “Edward Furey” and the current pastor of Holy Innocents Father Leonard Villa as well as other amazing restoration speakers

See the synchronicity within the Symposium’s topics of agenda – link below

Symposium on The Eucharistic Foundation of Patrick Keely’s Artistry At 25th Anniversary of Monuments Conservancy

…………… be continued

It’s all very tightly related and it’s like being on a treasure hunt !

The Truth can be found even on the planet of the apes …let’s pray ….dig deeper and pray some more

In Jesus Mary and Joseph