The United States Presbyterian Church formerly approved homosexual marriages in their Churches’ and by their clergy on the actual Feast of Saint Patrick !                                                                                                                                                                       

On the same day , Michael Voris Traditional Catholic photo-journalist of the popular traditional conservative Catholic internet television station Church Militant TV was assaulted by Cardinal Dolan security at the Parade in an attempted interview on the subject of his leading homosexual marchers up Fifth Avenue as the grand Marshal of a Catholic Parade in NYC that is older than the United States of America and to which it was formerly and always previously forbidden

Video available on multiple sites – The Cardinal embarrassingly responds with an obscure unrelated statement

One of Saint Patrick’s primary missions was #1 to create additional Missionaries to the world and #2 rid the Celtic lands of rabid homosexual promiscuity

The Cardinal must realize that especially amongst the young the people that are traditional Catholic – coming from among the authentic home schooled systems and the growing Catholic traditional movement are not something he can easily brush off

The Internet Television station Church Militant TV has not wavered in it’s constant broadcast of the Truth and the state of the Church since the day it was established It cannot be challenged on one fact or teaching it has presented so the Church attacks them on petty grounds which not many people are paying attention to anyway –

Within it’s Internet Television Station site and it’s multiple channel streams for $10 a month premium users there are several hundred thousand subscribers

 One recent popular episode of the Vortex there were in excess of THREE MILLION PEOPLE LOGGED INTO THE STREAM and as reported by independent web tracking portals

On the subject of the war on Catholics and the huge powerful international homosexual lobby the Truth will only be taught loud and clear in authentic places like this

We are surrounded but we must remember what Scripture says for God’s Covenantal peoples

He will lay them low before our feet – Believe and you will see what seems like an un-winnable battle be leveled soon

 A cross check around the landscape appears as if we are surrounded on every front as the shocking news multiples in EVERY sector

First off although the Knights Of Columbus pulled out of Massachusetts when homosexual marchers entered the proposed ranks of the parade and should be applauded (as reported in the Irish Central)

A  K of of C Council went ahead and marched with organizations promoting sodomy in Virginia

The Parishes there severed all ties with the Knights of Columbus as they then had Terry Mcauliffe (Governor gay activist of Virginia) as Grand Marshal but Ko of C continued

The stand off of Alabama judges refusing to allow homosexual marriages in the State is being over-ridden by the force of the Federal Government in the stand off

A protestant US Navy Chaplin is suspended for teaching the evils of the life of sodomites

A protestant educators conference addresses over 800 attendees with a pro homosexual message and denounces the Catholic Church

Pro homosexual clubs soon to be “required” in Canadian schools

REPUBLICAN congressional committee leaders begin to back homosexual laws betraying the ticket they originally ran on and were voted in on

Irish Bishops argue over homosexual marriage on the emerald isle