In today’s news from the 3rd Largest Newspaper in the United States, The Los Angeles Times comes” Pope Francis disappoints fans of Latin Mass “

Underneath an ideology

If you ask yourself why now, two years into his Pontificate,  does he make these ‘personally confused’ statements on the Liturgy of Holy Mother Church

For the same reason that part of the semi- conservative non-traditionalist portion of the crowd wants to hone in on the subject and for the same reason that Catholic Traditionalism is now “making the papers” as they say in the mainstream media and established Catholic media

As seen here this week in this article from the “Cromwell types”weighing in and seeming support yet wanting to “change” our Tridentine Rite Calendar of Masses and Feasts……… we go ………….

Why ? For the simple reason that it’s growing and it is a movement There is at least one packed Traditional Catholic Church or Chapel in every Diocese in the world Some have several per Diocese, all have large and or growing families with many children and are living the Rite out completely in all the fasts, the special prayers, the colors, the candle types, table cloths, the flower types and specific recipes on the various feast days ….all of it

Now the chimers and the change seekers come and are being responded to with clear statements of “don’t try to fix what is not broken” and “don’t chase out what’s left of the remnant of Catholicism”

So all of a sudden it’s a surprise that the millions of people practicing the old rite have virtually nothing to do with the post conciliar Church

To quote a line in the Casablanca movie “I’m shocked to find out that there is gambling going on in this Casino.”

If Francis I puts one of his Czars within or over Ecclesia Dei you don’t have to be one who prophesies to see that SSPX will become bigger than the Eastern Orthodox Church

It seems sinful and envious to me

Why don’t the Eastern Catholic Rites have to “become” forced into western post-conciliar religion Why can’t it be accepted that it’s an approved Rite with a Moto Proprio issued in a Papal declaration?

Do we really need Cromwell weighing in with their thoughts of how being trapped in the Missal of 1962 lacks modernism

The 1570 Missal of Paul V was celebrated through the 1600s, the 1700s and the 1800s – No one said mid-way through that period “Wait a minute …it’s 1788AD why are we celebrating the Mass of 1570AD it’s so not modern ?! “

When you put any thought or serious study into the things these people are saying it lacks depth or moreover lacks continuity and the Church is dealing with an issue it cannot escape by high level internal accusations The era of the hermeneutic of rupture is upon us

Rather than dealing with the bevy of problems in the new rite they will turn their attention assuredly in envy to restrictions upon the old rite, just like their diverted attentions from the real issues focus instead on social justice, capital punishment?!, socialist movements for South America to eliminate remaining royalist forms of government and foster egalitarian models of democratic human majority above all else

I have an authentic book to recommend

The Resurrection of the Roman Catholic Church: A guide to the Traditional Roman Catholic movement


Here is a special report from TLM Magazine by Priest temporarily writing under the name Father X TLM Magezine Special Report by Priest writing as Father X

Examples of the current trajectory lending force to the proofs that the Restoration cannot be stopped

I leave you with these thoughts of reminder of history – The Jesuits were suppressed to close to abolishment for over a century and a half of Catholic history

And in another era, over 150 years of Papal teachings (including all of it’s ideologies on the subject of Jansenism) were wiped away, declared invalid and the Church returned to authentic Catholicism – There are precedents in the Church that are centuries long

It is not to a modern ideology that we belong but to a Covenant of continuity with the Body of Christ that is thousands of years older than a nun strumming a guitar at Holy Mass

Ave Maria