The current leadership of the USCB President, Archbishop Joseph Kurt of Louisville (with his former and seemingly good track record on fighting the culture of death ) and his Vice President, Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, Archbishop of Galveston-Houston we all celebrated as a semi-return to a more conservative Catholic direction following it’s former leadership from the likes of some of the moral liberal Catholic Bishops like the Bishophric of Dolan

Archbishops Kurt and Cardinal Dinardo were “elected” in November of 2013 or about 14 months ago …so where is it ?!

Is 15 months a week in the day of the life of the Catholic Church…… like it is ‘within’ the bureaucracy of the State of NY – If we give them the benefit of the doubt we can say ?! maybe

Even before evidence of the damnable silence on widespread financial corruption to do with the contributions of Catholics in the pews from the thousands of Churches of the new western liturgical rite –is looked at analytics should first turn to the core what is the problem with “elected” in Catholicism

Catholics should first ask themselves is a United States Catholic Church government anywhere part of any precedent in Catholic Tradition, Ecclesiastics of previous centuries of Canon law ?! – I can’t find it

Maybe someone of better scholarly bent can find it for me

Also in this newly made US Catholic Church government we have a Cardinal reporting to a Bishop ?!

When I look at Church History throughout the centuries – the Catholic Church government is called the Roman Curia to which the Roman Rota heads up and who work in Conjunction with the Congregation For the Doctrine of the Faith (The Former Congregation and ‘Tribunal’ of the Inquisition)
as well as some of the other high level Congregations that liaison directly to the Holy Father such as The Congregation for the Religious

Conferences of Bishops larger than Roman tribunals ?! elected Conference “Presidents?!” like the President of the German Conference of Catholic Bishops ?!

Law making Synods and the like …….that’s not Catholicism …what is that ?!

That sounds like the Missouri Synod or… the assemblies of god annual meeting where they create new laws every year and change their rules on the increasing exceptions for abortion and their increased allowance for medical contraceptives ect….

Truth be told Synods and Bishop Government Conferences are 100% invention of the VII Council and it’s recent stretched extensionism is a product of this new post-conciliar environment

This over reach of this new form of Church government was coined in the new term at the Council called government by “collegiality” as power shared with the Pope

Without having to go back and reference the Infallible Church declarations on Papal Infallibility and ruler-ship that was formally declared Church law in the late 1800s that everyone is by majority is already familiar with, we would remind ourselves that until a declaration is made otherwise this is still the current LEGAL form of the Catholic Church’s government even during civil war or re-org or whatever you wish to call the phase of the crisis the Church is currently in while it attempts to redefine itself or until it is redefined or until a Vatican III is called to end the crisis

 All we keep hearing about over and over from the Vatican is the needed reform of the Curia ……………for what ?~! ……..The majority of the Curia for all intents and purposes seem to be the only ones holding the line on Doctrine is the Curia ?! What are we reforming the Curia from or to ?!

Or this just a paving of the road of people’s minds for a power shift for the declaration on the change in 2000 years of Church government architecture

Meanwhile the self-imposed USCB leadership of “ The United States Catholic Church” ( of which I have not decided as to whether I belong or not as I am just a Roman Catholic myself )

The USCB continues to be embarrassingly silent while corruption rages behind  the scenes with millions of dollars of Catholic parishioners money being distributed from them through the CCHD and CRS to intrinsically corrupt apostolates of the culture of death

 We all know that 70% of the CRS money is coming from US Government grants that are coming from tax payers but Catholic money is meant to fight AGAINST those very forces of secularism not for them – But now the Catholic Church is financially partnered with the United States government to the tune of THE MAJORITY of it’s financial affairs – Most insiders know that the Hospitals are hanging on to ‘majority Catholic controlled’ (in a hostile environment) only by it’s continued majority silence to Obamacare and the secret back door referral system to Affiliate centers (for Abortion, Aborticfacients and Contraceptions) Meaning they just don’t kill the baby in the building with the Crucifix on it they pay them to kill the baby across the street  in someone else’s building and the percentages of the money go through the doctor’s consortioniums – That’s basically the truth of it for a growing number of Catholic hospitals and of course Catholic Hospital professionals from abroad are coming here by the dozens to study the way American Catholic Loop-hole-ism laws are made

Say it out loud at Catholic Conference to a Catholic Bishop and it will be the same as either shouting “The Emperor has no cloths on !” …or shouting fire ………you’ll probably be arrested

It’s unstoppable… their lauding it in the faces of Catholics

I will continue to say as long as you – we – us keep giving it $ to them instead of Faithful Catholic apostolates that IT”S YOUR MONEY !

Therefore I would like to reiterate an annual appeal to starve the Bishops Annual Appeal of your money

Please pray for me as I hope to take this message in Spirit to the floor of the Newark Archdiocese Men’s Conference this weekend

The unstoppable nature of what CRS and the Bishops are doing can be found repeatedly

 Here’s the latest…Let’s see there’s Bill and Melinda Gates’ population control fund – with MTV’s soft pornography channel and right beside these two heavy hitters is ….your money’s foundation “Shuga” 

 Check out your Shuga

As a reminder it was brought to world-wide attention in the summer of 2013 with the CRS Madagascar corruption – located here

and when CRS partnered with Population Services International one of the world’s premier leading promoters of Abortion the Bishops gave them another $6.7 million

Let’s fast for them in prayer one day this Lenten season

In Jesus Mary and Joseph