I took the liberty of posting some key Catholic Journal Academic articles for review here . This is in order to help each other (including myself) better learn the points of departure in the secular realms of the Church

Although at first seemingly unrelated – if you read through some of it you will see the thread as I have between what is authentic Worship and Theology in the Continuity of a 2000 + year Sacred Tradition of The Body of Christ and what is not

May I be forgiven if I have not given proper copyright credits

The first is a two part series of Marian Consecration by the ever stellar Mariologist Msgr Author Calkins discussing Marian Consecration in the context of life in an Incarnational Religion – Through Him With Him and In Him

Marian Consecration In The Life Of The Church & Saint Maximillian Kolbe Part #1 – by Msgr Author Calkins

Part #2 which was issued in the next issue of the six times yearly issued Missio Immaculata though one of the last remaining publishing arms of the FI

Marian Consecration In The Life Of The Church & Saint Maximillian Kolbe Part #2 – by Msgr Author Calkins

The next is an article on desperately needed return to Thomistic Scholastic Theology and how & where  it’s virtual  eradication in the Church came about – It goes further to comb out the damages that various aspects of the Nouevele Theologia schools continue to infiltrate into the remaining bastions of Thomistic Orthodoxy

Traditional Thomistic vs. Ideologies of the Nouevele Theologia

The fourth article is from the Catholic Journal New Orthodox Review and it is story called a Church In Ruins that describes the Estonian See’s come back from the  liberalized to completely abolished to the beginnings of solid Catholic restoration

A Church Rises From The Ruins_Estonia See

And the fifth article is a scholarly one pager from the publication of the FSSP Motherhouse in the US on

The Latin Mother Language o f the Church In The Liturgy

We will never understand how there can be apostasy and heresy (not just among the liberal sectors of Priests) but in this day and age among Cardinals and Bishops if we do not come to understand – their Scriptural Exegesis -their new theology their Ideology for the future of the Church against the backdrop of the unchanging Truth of the ancient continuity of the Roman Catholic Church throughout the centuries

Laudetur Jesu Christus Et Maria Immaculata