If you know of the contrast between secular media’s total loss of objectivity and main stream Catholic media (examples below)


But then there is – a contrast which declines every year to the point where the two start to look similar

The Mainstream Media Pages: Soft Marxist Propaganda disguised as News.


Then it will not be such a surprise to you when our individual responsibility as Catholics calls us to look at the vast chasm between main stream Catholic media (as well as Diocesan newspapers and radio media that have virtually become a propaganda machine) and the Faithful new Catholic media

There is a culture war on between the faithful orthodox of western civilization and the world at large that everyone is aware of –and then simultaneously there is parallel but altogether “other” culture war underway within the Catholic Church from the highest levels to the lowest levels

Main stream Catholic media has made the conscience decision to ignore the real issues and adopt the majority Catholic policy which is “denial”

In Christian theology when major elements of Sacred Tradition are chucked over board it is quickly replaced with – new dogmas of mid-air tribulation – 1000 year earthly reign of Jesus in the Jerusalem area- Rapture events where people are sucked through vortex holes- healing ceremonies that take place en masse groups- – Sacraments of Penance are issued in group penitential rites and through secret notes in fish bowls and the like (In Catholic Churches)

Currently we have the highest levels of the Church hierarchy battling a new theology of separating –doctrine- dogma and Church teaching apart from pastoral practices and moral enforcement and as Bishops are apsostatizing left and right -Is it being covered in main stream Catholic media ?! Absolutely not- less than 10%

We are having groups of Bishops celebrate Mass at the fence of the Mexican border ?!

We have these pseudo Catholic mainstream outlets joining forces together in unprecedented fashion to talk about  what?! the cultural and religious civil war in society and the abandonment of authentic Catholicism ?! absolutely not

The National Catholic Register, the National Catholic Reporter and Our Sunday Visitor JOIN FORCES TO discuss social justice issues !

Their number one issue is now to stop murderers from being executed _STOP CAPITAL PUNISHMENT ?!


This is what is known in military strategy as a decoy and or the field and trade of magicians as a high left hand

I have news for them – for the majority of Catholic history – Capital punishment was not only legal and advocated for proven murderers but the Church held its own Military and Courts and carried them out themselves In this era it should be discussing the RE-ESTABLISHMENT OF THE CATHOLIC MILITARY which the academic side of Catholicism and the Traditional Hereditary Elite Families – and their patrimonies have been discussing unilaterally outside of the population control machine and green peace business religion that has become the United Nations

Social Justice = The New Catholic Church – Never an evangelical word is ever said without the concept threaded somewhere close by of uniting to eradicate poverty?!

Can anyone show me one verse of Sacred Scripture that shows poverty to be a sin ?!

But converting people of false religions for the sake of their souls, that the Pope now calls proselytism, must be  replaced by something right ?

The civil war can be seen inside EWTN – Behind the scenes there is a battle going on for the soul of that Catholic television station

Occasionally a program of Truth pops out or a news story so Orthodox it will make you say where did that come from ….

Here’s a four minute video and a story that aired that ADVOCATED for an SSPX affiliated order ! (not as of yet in full Communion with the Church ) that was doing an outstanding job of the formation of Catholic girls …..wow

The Dominicans of Fanjeaux are a religious order of nuns, whose chaplains belong to the Society of Saint Pius X (FSSPX / SSPX), and whose main activity is the education and formation of Catholic girls.


Then we have EWTN’s new Nightly News with Bill O’Reily that has very little if any distinguishing characteristics between it and secular media

My wife and I sampled a program just recently about a Muslim forum – the positions that were discussed and the Islamic woman on that falsely discussed that Islamic militant incidents have nothing to do with their religion and there should not be a corollary between the two and both her AND a Priest made the case – completely falsely that there was no advocating of force or violent force in the Quran- really?!

Bill O’Reily sat there, with Lord knows how many viewers watching, and agreed with every word of  their premises on national television and talked about the good work of the Obama administration

There is no sense writing EWTN on this to even complain – This is not borderline heterodox opinions This is full Catholic apostasy on a Catholic television network

The Sunday before last we turned on the new Newark Archdiocese radio station WNSW 1430 AM Bishop Meyer’s venture to purchase WNSW 1430AM and fill the air with simulcast programing form another quasi Catholic outfit called Relevant Radio out of Green Bay Wisconsin whose billboards you may have seen on the highway

I guess this is his idea that if he can get a $1M+ retirement home out of the deal – somewhere between the CCHD money and the CRS money that the least that he could do for the people was to give them a radio station It is only one of the top 10 largest dioceses in the country that’s all

But what did we find on Newark Diocese radio ?! Guess who …….Father Robert Barron !– Advocate of the new Catholic theology that there is a reasonable hope that all men and women are saved and that heaven and hell are concepts ….again not transcending minor heterodox but venturing into the Catholic Church’s definition of “FULL material heretic” – An apostate – I don’t care how many DVD Catholicism Series he sold or best sellers he has  …… An apostate

Catholic World Report regurgitates the underlying false theology of Has Van Balthasar that revolutionary base theology that began the coup of Vatican II which is also where he got that nonsense from


The sad state of affairs in American Journalism that use to have one of the highest moral codes in the world is now a dirty word …= “journalism”

And true to form even though the book of Exodus warns us “The Covenantal People” that have be rescued on the wings of an Eagle – and then adopted not to merge with the way of the people of the land – Be a a people that are “set apart” it says  “Mingle not with and adopt not the ways of the people who worship THAT WHICH EATS GRASS”

Mainstream Catholic Media has now reformed it’s diet to eating grass and what you get out of the other end of that you already know –

We must turn to the internet and the many Faithful of “the New Catholic Media” to restore objective journalism, morality and Truth

The Sheep and the Goats have begun to separate themselves