CRS has been caught publicly spending your money on the culture of death

The story broke initially on Tuesday on the CCO news wire and has been escalating for the past 48 hours

It’s not just an overseas issue… it’s in your backyard ! I could show you examples like this in every Diocese

Metuchen NJ Diocese for example ….In their Newspaper Catholic Spirit E-Edition Article  Look at the 02/12/15 edition on page 18…. it says

  • CRS Rice Bowl was founded in Allentown, Pa., by a Catholic priest, a Jewish rabbi and Protestant minister.
  • Last year the Diocese of Metuchen alone set a record of giving by contributing $118,901 to just this one CRS unit
  • The article says 75 percent of your money goes directly to development projects sponsored by Catholic Relief Services overseas.’CRS 2015 Advertisement Article and Diocesan Solicitation

It was advertised in hand out papers to over 500+ attendees at the Jeff Cavins Bible Series seminar with 4’ + long out door color posters of Bishop’s Annual Appeal, for this type of money, at Immaculate Conception in Sommerville, New Jersey (that my wife and I struggled with being a part of for the corrupt  collusion it potentially entails)

Here is what Dallas area Catholics have to say about the matter

Can it be any worse than the collaboration of money between CCHD –CRS and the USCB or in their the absence of any morality or accountability –Even back in 2013 it was more than insiders information  when the scandals became even more public and widespread

Or the new heavily promoted “weird sexuality” program of CRS, which garnered attention for the umpteen time and on this occasion in the Washington Times just last month

The USCB says there is no story here …….keep moving …..

This is different than the scandal of the soft lavender priest class that was brought into the Church for a full generation, where the lay people could do little about it accept watch implosions escalate left and right

This is different……….

because it’s our money and we can simply force the hand of righteous reform by shutting off the tap

Here is the bottom line

CRS (Catholic Relief Services) is one of the most embattled and corrupt of Catholic Charities to ever come out of the west It’s partnerships with some of the most liberal government controlled radically left Democrat organizations  in existence, are it’s entrenched business partners

For over four + years investigative teams and devout Catholic laity have been diligently informing Bishops and attempting initiation of reform However, it has been met with obscurantist forces, obstinacy, bureaucracy, and out-right denial in official letters

Now since US government funding – Catholic Dioceses and Catholic charities are so interwoven and interdependent, it becomes brutally clear that one cannot serve Mammon AND serve the Lord

The USCB has to be shut down financially …… the US laity!

This is a call upon all Catholics to obey the Lord and not the pharisaical ways of the new Church Bishops that have commandeered the new Catholic Church – We’re NOT leaving the Body of Christ – We ARE the Body of Christ and we will reform it because it needs our money and our prayers to run

And the prayer warriors out there, the devout, the laity can impact change

Our tithing = 2nd collection only

Zero contributions to anything the US Bishops get a percentage of ..until reform is ‘proven to be underway’

I urge you my fellow Catholic family and friends-…………Bishops Annual Appeal  must be = zero contributions

You must let your Parish and your Diocese know …we’re shutting it down until the USCB is reformed

You have been informed and are an educated Catholic on the matter

We CANNOT in right conscience fund abortion – contraception – homosexual rights advocates groups – and euthanasia – The US Bishops can merge with the culture of death with their own personal money not the money of Faithful Catholics

It begins to end today

If we do not let every Catholic we know what is going on here – then our silence becomes mortal sin ……..because it’s not some ugly five year old rumor IT”S REAL – IT”S PUBLIC –

 STOP FUNDING THE CULTURE OF DEATH – THEY ARE MURDERING BABIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!