In all truth anti Catholicism abounds and has been a part of our world for the entire history Christendom in various forms

To this day I find offensive the many children’s nursery rhymes as I’ve always known of their anti-Catholic origin and held them back from my daughter & made public for many years the Truth of their embedded teachings

Mary Mary Quite Contrary How Does your garden Grow
Is about Mary Stuart the Devout Catholic Queen who’s head they cut off and they made a garden grave of her decapitated followers – The maiden references are to the ‘iron maiden’ which is a double blade form of guillotine

Ring around the Rosary – Ashes Ashes we all fall down ?! What does ashes and rosie rings together have anything to do with little kids dancing to the words and then falling down – ?!  You don’t have to be a genius to see that that  the message that those following Ashes and Rosaries will ALL fall down and they drilled it into them
That’s what happens to the people  that follow those practices (Catholics)

And there are many more well known nursary rhymes that were primarily invented to teach antii-Catholicsm to children in the era prior to wide spread publishing and books availability

One pointer is here – However there are several historians that have given expositions on every one of them including the meaning of every word and line

If today in this era for instance if you speak to any child – adolescent – young adult that was raised in a baptist assembly, a presbyterian assembly or
a born again non denominiational congregation (by far majority) they will tell you that they were all taught that Catholics are not Christians

Meanwhile the Catholic Church who for 450 years adamantly taught the heresies of protestantism -in it’s official teachings-  it’s Christology errors- it’s
errors in specific exegesis of Scriptures – The specifics of the different Jesus in it’s very different understanding of God is present within its details…. it’s social teaching errors and the ability of protestantism to lead many souls to
hell has suddenly and seemingly reversed itself in the past 40-50 years claiming an equality with the various denominations by way of talented linguistics and amorphously & ambiguously dancing around the subject

The only difference anti-Catholicism has taken on today in new entrenched forms comes not only within society but the Church itself

It’s always been with us

Radical militaristic paganism of the Roman emproers against the early Christians were followed by Arians
(today’s adventists – the jehovahs witnesses – seventh day adventists and mormans) and which Church historians termed the greatest challenge the Church ever faced

It was followed by non-Catholic governments that rejected monastic asceticism

This era was soon followed by the apostasy of the Arab Mohammadanism of Islam that diametrically set itself up in opposition to Christianity within its scriptures and written traditions and this went on for hundreds and hundreds of years where it then met a period in history known as the beginning of moral relativism or secular
humanism where the long held Catholic teaching against “Usury” the business of banking and interest was overturned and new types of socialism culture wars emerged withing the Church that sought to stretch it’s objections to other elements in society
including the concepts of heredity – royal descendancy and traditional elites
This was followed by ecclesial freemasonry which had syncretism with the radical feminism and new age movements of the latter eras

Protestantism emerged from all of this background roots and gave rise to new anti-Catholic social teachings that it led the way in ushering itself into society- divorce
and remarriage which was followed by their teachings of separation of Church and State which was followed by another wave of iconclasm and the attack against
the Traditional Catholic Mass –                                                                             The removal of High Altars and icons -in denominationalism were- followed by contraception which was followed by abortion

All this led to the acceptance (for the majority of protestant denominaitons) of homosexuality acceptance even in ministry  and now
the majority of protestant denominations are the driving force in new laws in favor of assisted suicide for the terminally ill elderly

But to talk about any of this in Parishes that are part of the new Church or any of it’s Priests would be the equivalent of telling the Emperor he has no cloths on

Who could imagine doing such a thing

What is the core of it ?

The commonality at the base of the battle ground is our children

Now that anti Catholicism is deep within our culture  after the younger generations for decades and has successfully carried large percentages of them off (spiritually) as exiles from their Faith, in time of war it only seeks to escalate

Here are some examples and witnesses to it

Cardinal Burke gives a detailed interview highlighting the state of the war within the ecclesial ranks of Catholics – He acknowledges the Traditional Rite and Traditional Catholic families to be the required base of Catholic restoration and a necessity
if we seek to retain our children from being carried off into Egypt in this era where supreme pontiffs are not even teaching the
authentic faith anymore but a mix of total doctrinal confusion

The entire amazing “Cardinal Burke speaks” interview can be found here

Liturgist – Theologian and Sacred Music Teacher Peter Kwasieshi backs it up on Novus Motus Liturgicus……as we draw the following conclusion “The children MUST be raised in the Traditional Rite” Ex ore infantium: Children and the Traditional Latin Mass

On the other end of the Church

The head of the German Bishops Conference – Cardinal Marx apostatizes and begins the first steps of the march towards Germany’s  split with the Roman Catholic church. Scarier still the Pope of the Catholic Church, who has them crush any overly traditional teaching or statement from the FFIs in a mili-second is so silent on the matter you can hear a pin drop from Northern Italy

Here are some other brief examples
A priest has been at war with the anti Catholic journalism of the NY Times and has written counter editorials and and has had them routinely suppressed his complaints and comments repressed in defending the Faith for over 50 years is found here creating a new compilation on the subject !

In Arkansas, the State just blocked the public expression of the pro-life Catholic Faith in signs and billboards with a new law – The home state of the Clintons         

In our country our own president makes it public to leaders of African nations that he will only financially subtend funds to them if they embrace homosexuality and abortifacients
Faced with opposition from African Bishops from western culture of death countries like the United States and it’s importers of the new socialism, these same partners of “Humanitarian Aid” groups begin to hide wide-spread  abortifacients and sterilization drugs into “free” flu vaccines and tetanus shots to women African countries as a pre-requirement to additional free health care

The kicker ……..much of which is paid for by American Catholic Bishops with money collected in new Rite parishes ……….more details on this to come …………..