Una Voce Philippines is is firmly established with Societas Ecclesia Dei Sancti Joseph


Additional colorful liturgical photoposts from the Philippines-link


Una Voce Puerto Rico begins to grow the Traditional Rite at three Parishes in Puerto Rico -link


Photopost from Holy Innocents NYC from Ash Wednesday is featured on Novus Motus Liturgicus with the new Pastor -link


Photopost from the Eastern Catholic Rite of the Byzantine Orders celebrating the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at several key Churches, which included the Pope’s own Cathedral, Saint John in the Lateran, St Paul’s outside-the-Walls,  St Mary Major, and The Pontifical Ukrainian Institute of the Holy Virgin -link


Eastern Catholic Rite of the Coptics consecrate new Church in Syria and their traditional Liturgy continues amidst a raging backdrop of Christian martyrdom -link.


The Traditional Mass Community of Jersey City publishes it’s monthly news-letter for March with some excellent articles with excerpts from Dom Prosper Gueranger famous Catholic theologian and liturgist, and an article on the ‘Exultet’ and the ‘Preface’ elements of the Easter Vigil is covered – Link below for full color version

Extraordinary Community News March 2015_JCNJ

Sacrileges committed at the Papal Mass in the Philippines is covered in depth by “Latin Mass Magazine” including the movements to correct widespread Liturgical abuses that have spread throughout the Catholic Church -A Council Member for the Foederatio Internationalis Una Voce, cognizant of the both the local situation in the Philippines and the complexities of the wider problems in the Church weighs in on the subject as well as the very knowledgeable author Joseph De La Riziere,  formerly following the Eastern Catholic Byzantine Rite and now following the Traditional Western Roman Rite.  Full color article included on the link below.

A Too Familiar Sacrilidge – Reflection On The Liturgical Eucharistic Abuses At The Papal Mass In Manilla -Philippines

Traditional Irish Music Heritage concert at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral on 5th Avenue in Manhattan has  been schedule adjusted to Thursday night March 5th -@ 7pm (Free will offering /admission)  Musicians photograph pictured with traditional music instruments of the Emerald Island from  previous concert and details of the event in the link below

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