Binary busting – The genderless androgyny of the new humanity has a goal = the transvestite is being posed in international culture to be enthroned to a monarchical position of veneration. Your children will be made to follow “IT”.  First introduced by Dr. Peter Jones a protestant eschatological theologian on the cutting edge of the sociological developments of paganization of western Christian civilization, a social historian that has always pointed out scripturally each specific point where the new culture of death begins to deviate from Truth

Dr. Jones often times is able to plumb the depth of the social Gospel elemental impact today’s culture with an exactitude not present in the majority of today’s Catholic theologians, many of which have drifted towards the new always nice Church of Catholic progressivism He first transcended talking about the transgender subject from his web site and blog to several books of an Exegetical (Scripture interpretation) Eschatological (end of the salvation history) nature on the post-modern culture that is being driven from the US and parts of Europe It’s not a lone treatise on the trajectory through denominational Christianity and it’s slow methodical march towards integration with the social elements of paganism (as he is most toughest on his own!) but oh so much more shocking discoveries have emerged It was first discussed scripturally in the late 1990s in his landmark book Spirit Wars

Re-issued with additional developments commentary in 2001 in the form of Pagans in The Pews (highly recommended – with link below)

And then it’s full theological and scriptural form in a most excellent social gospel teaching to come from an orthodox protestant it reveals the climactic goal of the culture of death in his book The God of Sex

So the Pontiff Francis I then takes up the subject ! and goes into it a clearer depth that most of us traditional Catholics have given him credit for ! First question that impressively emerges for those of us leaning towards optimism on this is the question “Could our Pope be evolving the way Paul VI evolved by the power of the Chair of the See of Peter where towards the end of Pontificate Paul VI became converted and began to realize what they had ushered into the Church & the damage they had done done and he began to repent and attempt, in the last several years of his Pontificate, to reverse his previous direction on many issues

As our current Pope defended human nature against gender radicals – in this great article in the Catholic journal ‘Crisis’ Pope Francis I takes an even harder line than Pope Benedict XVI citing their masse in roads into the education of young people and calling this “new gender ideology agenda akin to the days of the campaigns of the Hitler youth !”

The radical liberals then come out en masse – not just in Pope bashing but in going after the root The exegetical interpretation of ‘the book of Genesis’ in binaries and also that the male ‘man’ came from a woman is being challenged at it’s core – Seen here scripturally defending the transsexual as prophesied in the 1990s – If they were only able to burn all the history books and all the theology books from all the religions over the centuries and claim that the Holy Father is coming out with ‘new sexual theories of his own’ then (laughs) they would- In one of the newspaper arms of the liberal sector ‘rightfully called “The Beast” it became even clearer as to what they were trying build as they write of new and evil ways to interpret Scripture – Their interpretation of the book of Genesis will give you chills ….Located here –

We must understand where it started and which groups took advantage of it to promote evil . It began in the depths of the theologies of polytheism and took it’s base theology not from Judaism or greek anthropology but from hindu theology’s “joining together of opposites as the ultimate pinnacle of being – “I am neither he nor she. I am the virgin and the whore. I am the light AND the darkness. I am male and female and greater than both !” In the new humanity religion the new nature of man and mankind is yet to be revealed ! It’s personhood in the exaltation of the authority of mankind first became visible in the west with the syncretism of polytheistic eastern philosophy in the rise of freemasonry following large scale unemployment of the masons after the majority of the cathedrals and the world’s largest churches were completed just prior to the French Revolution– It then rose to power on the heals of the suppression of natural law and it’s intertwining with government following it’s world-wide ideological victories of separation of Church and State (their phase 1)

How did it take root in the minds and sub-conscience of the people ? It showed itself on the sessional floor of Vatican II when it insisted on the suppression of thomistic natural law in Catholic education and the elimination of this type of scholastics of Saint Thomas Aquinas beginning with it’s slow abolition in all Catholic schools beginning in the 1970s and by 1982 gone from the majority of all Catholic grammar Schools, high schools, and colleges except the most Traditional ones which quickly became a rare minority– It was estimated at this point in history there were as many as 100,000 Catholic priests in the world that were also freemason and who’s obligation to the G requires them to salt this theology into Catholicism one step at a time – How many masons are still withstanding within the clergy today that have not been purged is of course a matter of continued speculation.

In Hudson Catholic High School of Jersey City, NJ  we were taught eight semesters of religion in a variety of required courses – There were additionally then (for 3rd and 4th year HS schools students) the concept of “college electives” in our Faith and even Russian Orthodoxy was studied. Even in the early 1980s it was attempting to hold on to the courses we were taught in Thomistic Natural law, with some quite difficult mid-term exams I might add – When checking in with the class year right behind us and my brother in Saint Peter’s Prep while I was studying at NY Institute of Technology – it was all but gone and replaced by the new natural law of Communion in the hand ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————— We must remember the warnings on the destruction of natural law addressed in papal teachings throughout history but never more clearly than Pope Leo XIII in his clarification of Catholicism vs. the theology of the radical pagan gnosticism of masonry – “We speak now of the duties which have their origin in natural probity. That God is the Creator of the world and its provident Ruler; that the eternal law commands the natural order to be maintained, and forbids that it be disturbed; that the last end of men is a destiny far above human things and beyond this sojourning upon the earth: these are the sources and these the principles of all justice and morality. “ Link below for the full amazing encyclical

It’s real Scriptural origins began in a period we are living – 40 days of fast – The devil took Jesus up to the mountains and showed him the empires he ran He brought him up to the parapet at the top of the Temple and then read to Jesus Psalm 91 (in some bibles Psalm 90)  he read through the prophesy of how the angels would surround and lift up “the one” if he was indeed the Messiah – Jesus rebuked him to his face and disavowed all his offerings and said Thou shall not tempt the Lord your God . But Satan remained in the sheer frustration that he was not able to create anything He could not create a human baby like a woman is able to give birth to, nor a bird nor even a bee. He remained that one day he would create something and people would worship ‘his’ creation. The world and all it’s theologians for thousands of years said no possible way AND THEN the enemy created the transvestite and now the most important thing to the enemy of the world and his soldiers of fallen angels that walk thru earth and hell is not even the continuation of the war on the woman’s womb but in the RIGHTS of HUMANS ABOVE THE RIGHTS OF GOD and above all rights so that THE RIGHTS of “IT” in his creation (the enemy of the world) may prevail –

Gender revolutionaries are building towers and are on the march like Orcs as the forward guard of the fallen angels begins to pave the road for the incarnation of the anti-Christ  It is the centering prayer theology of Illuminated masonry – The coming of the anti-Christ is a transgendered “IT” that is neither man nor woman

In every State the high level homosexual activists like the one appointed by Obama to be the emissary to foster the gay rights into a human rights agenda, globally fight hardest not for homosexual rights but in every homosexual marriage law and or homosexual rights law that is passed anywhere – they fight for transsexual LAW Pay attention to the tooth and nail battles right down to the wire for extensive legal language of protection of the transgendered – the real goal of the powerful homosexual lobby –One day in the near future the people of our Faith will be found guilty of a transexual LAW –   In yesterday’s appointment announcement from Obama’s office the new prince was titled  “The Global Envoy of Gay Rights from the US” , within the AP press release below it says “The announcement also comes amid a heightened public focus on transgender rights. Ash Carter, (The US Secretary of Defense!) on his first overseas trip as defense secretary, suggested he was open to allowing transgender people to serve openly in the U.S. military! White House spokesman Josh Earnest then said on Monday that President Barack Obama welcomed Carter’s comments and agrees that all Americans qualified for military service should be able to serve.

You must give the leaders and academics of this movement credit for knowing their new religion well When it ascends to the leadership role of a new all powerful United Nations in the era of your children’s adulthood – anyone that speaks against “IT” will be systematized by the system and found guilty of violating it !

But remember the greater prophesy – IN THE END …Her Immaculate heart will triumph to the exaltation of Jesus Christ our Savior and King be the glory