Sacra Lingua Conference USA (1st week in June)  is coming to NYC this year  and has just announced their full schedule

A who’s who of heavy hitters in Sacred Music, Sacred Art and Liturgy – and some of the most well-known traditional Catholic Cardinals, Bishops and theologians will speak on the Restoration and the Reform of the Reform of the Holy Mass as well as the participation at all levels in all of it’s restorative apostolates.

They will be using Hunter College auditoriums and – Saint Catherine of Siena Parish – Many are planning –some days off from work that week – Something great to look forward to

Their facebook page for the USA division of Sacra-lingua is located here

Full colorful photoposts from recent Sacred events

Monteverdi Vespers in DC with photo-post and video from last such event where Sacred Music – Sacred Art and Liturgy met together with worshipers in Truth and Spirit

Photopost of Stational Masses Processions of Lent through the reliquaries (on display for veneration and prayer) through some of Rome’s oldest Churches

Friday March 7th Catholic Underground NYC, as hosted by the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, re-commences at the restored Gothic jewel of Our Lady of Good Counsel

Traditional Adoration and Vespers of the Divine Office of the Liturgy of the Hours begins @ 7:30pm (contiguous seating for multiple guests challenging after 7pm)

Followed by contemporary convivium & social, hosted by visiting music artist from Nashville, Tenn- Rebecca Roubion in their Underground space below the Church  – link below-

Sunday March 15th Saint Joseph and Saint Patrick’s Party following the 11am High Mass for Laetare Sunday at The Oratory of Saint Anthony of Padua West Orange, NJ

Entertainment = “Professional Irish Dancers & Music”                                             Food = Local and seasonal fare of the community $10 per person or $15 per family –see Church bulletin for additional info link below

All are invited – Flyer -pdf located here-

Laetare Sunday Saints Joeph and Patrick Potluck Party 031515_b

Monday March 16th on the Eve of Saint Patricks Day at 7pm an “All Irish Concert at St. Joseph’s Church in the Village” will be presented as benefit concert to the Benedictine Nuns of County Galway Ireland                                                          Saint Joseph’s is on 371 Sixth Avenue in Manhattan  Link below                                                                                                                                                                                                             ,12256

Tuesday March 17th – Saint Patrick’s Day – Pre-parade Holy Mass in Gaelic, the native language of Ireland, will be celebrated at 9:00am at Saint Agnes sponsored in part by the NY Purgatorial Society     (optional single price traditional Irish breakfast follows around the corner in the back room of the local Pub )

An Irish Catholic Parade begins it’s march through middle of Manhattan and up 5th Avenue toward Saint Patrick’s Cathedral led by Crucifix and the sound of bagpipes just before 11:00am

Thursday  March 19th at 7:30pm– A High Solemn Mass of the month will be offered for the Feast of Saint Joseph at Our Lady Queen of Peace in Maywood, NJ

Flyer to follow -here

Events and News from Holy Innocents

  1. Extra daily Masses formerly suppressed over a year ago during a proposed review for closure period have been restored Also due to demand a regular daily 1:15pm Mass will be added to the regular mid-day 12:00pm Holy Mass that follows Holy Rosary and 12 noon Angelus at the Bell
  2. Throughout Lent every Friday after the 6:00pm Holy Mass is followed by Traditional sung Stations of the Cross
  3. This Sunday February 28th will be a Pontifical Mass for the Dead in the Nouvs Ordo for Father Benedict Groeshel @ 10:00am as lead by Cardinal Dolan who is being called upon in Catholic activists petitions to step down as Grand Marshal of the annual Irish Catholic Classic the Feast of Saint Patrick’s Day Parade as NBC and Parade organizers begin last minute jam ins of additional homosexual activist groups to also march – Please attend at your own discretion
  4. .The Holy Innocents young adult group meets regularly on Thursday nights now for Traditional Adoration and after worship social with tavern /grill of latest fad announced through their media outlets as follows with links below

A_Holy Innocents Announcements_02_2015

Faithful Catholics, through multiple outlets of the growing ” Free Catholic Press communities”, call for Cardinal Dolan to step down as Saint Patrick’s Day Parade Grand Marshal…………..Links below

Public petition for the Cardinal to step down (now over 3,000 signatures)               …link below

Friday March 20th Annual Symposium: The Eucharistic Foundation of Patrick Keeley’s Artistry

Worthy of consideration for taking off from work on this date as this year, is the 25th annual symposium in tribute to Rudolf Wittkower will take place on Friday, March 20th, 2015 from 8:30am to 6pm.

For the third year, the symposium will focus on the work of Patrick Charles Keeley, the architect of the Church of the Holy Innocents, which is still the only church in the Archdiocese of New York that offers the traditional Mass daily.

The symposium will place a strong emphasis on the Eucharistic foundation of Patrick Charles Keeley’s artistry. As the Council of Trent reminds us: “according to the custom ever received in the Catholic Church,” in this Most Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist we are to “render the worship of latria, which is due to the true God” because in It “there is the Author Himself of sanctity.” Charles Keeley kept this in mind when he did his work for Catholic churches.

Some of the speakers will talk about the meaning of the Eucharistic foundation of Keeley’s work. Since Summorum Pontificum, the historic document released by Pope Benedict XVI, made the use of the traditional Liturgy much wider, and  since for several years we have had the traditional Mass at Holy Innocents (a Keeley church), the topics discussed in this lecture will be of great interest to its parishioners.

Four of the speakers

1) Fr. Leonard Villa, new Administrator of the Church of the Holy Innocents

2) Fr. Matthew McNeely, FSSP (celebrated many Masses at Holy Innocents)

3) Mr. Donald Reynolds (devoted parishioner of Holy Innocents)

4) Mr. Pedro d’Aquino (the music director of Holy Innocents)

It will be held in the main conference rooms of NY Marriott East (Lexington Avenue)

Official web site as follows :

The conference will host a variety of speakers of Priests, theologians, and sacred music and sacred art subject matter experts as Among the highlights is a discussion of Keely following the famous Sacred Architecture Architect Augustus Welby Northmore Putin who in the early 1800s began to help usher in the Gothic Architecture revival in Catholicism

The FSSP Priest will speak on the necessity of the restoration of Sacred Architecture for the Priest’s offering of the Holy Sacrifice Father Mathew McNeely as well as talks by Father Kenneth Myers and Father Leonard Villa

Pedro D’Aquino the Acting Music Director of the Latin Mass community choir) at Holy Innocents (Vox en Roma) will speak on the different yet complimentary natures of the Gothic Architecture revival coinciding with the world wide renewal of Gregorian Chant within Catholic Liturgy

Although much of Keely’s architecture was dismantled and or maimed in the post conciliar iconoclast period of the Catholic Church of the 1970s and 1980s that followed the sub groups of false ecumenism within the Church, he is to be highly honored for his contribution to the current restoration of Catholicism movement

The local flyers and press releases for the event are embedded within the following attachments



Laudetur Jesu Christus Et Maria Immaculata