Francis says “Reform of the Reform” is “mistaken”.”Traditionalist” seminarians criticized, Pope says their “imbalances” are manifested in their celebration of the liturgy

Knowing that “he” the Pope was defeated on his attempt through the Vatican II – “laws through democratic collegiality” for the Church to embrace the German Catholic Church’s proposition program for the divorced and remarried as well as the clarity that it will clearly fail in 8 months at the next Synod he turns his focus to his proposal to eliminate celibacy as a requirement in the Western Catholic Church and to begin his Phase 2 eliminate the Reform of the Reform of the new Rite –

Chris Ferrara discusses, on the Fatima Network, the heart of the problems leading to the Synod and the Synod itself – it’s clearly the Pope

The prelates, ideology and the architect were all Francis I if anyone says otherwise they are compromising Truth

Is it SO HARD for us to admit that our current Pope has a set of ideologies that differs from the legacy of Faithful Catholicism ?!

Are we disloyal to our Church by saying so or is the Catholic Church THE Body of Christ with Jesus as his head and His rebellious David decendancy is to be called out for same if we are to remain loyal to our Trinitarian Eucharistic God

What led over a hundred thousand people out of the jehovahs witnesses and into Christianity over the years ‘Conscience conflicts between the loyalty to God and current structure of authority’ and the freedom to criticize a wayward hierarchy with the Truth.

As a 50 year ranking law making member of the hierarchy of the jehovahs attests to (who was also a nephew of their leader) conflicts between the Lord’s Truth and current hierarchy will always result in a ‘crisis of conscience’ when both cannot be equally followed

Famous expose book on the subject that is an expensive in demand book even in it’s used conditions but worth every penny ” ‘Crisis of Conscience ”

The powerful homosexual lobby in the Vatican that runs counter to all that the Traditional Rite represents

The high level failure of the Synod

Witness to Truth

Insbrook Church in Austria, Baroque style from the 1500s, in possession of actual 1500s Our Lady icon of Pilgrimages (Our Sorrowful Mother on the Gallwiese)  is outfitted in this temple of holiness dedicated in the 1700s

Protected by the Ecclesia Dei Society of FSSP – It is now a Catholic Church of the Old Rite and will celebrate the Mass of the ages with music and chant of the 1500s Featured Ash Weds and it’s continuance into this upcoming Sunday

More Missions of witness to Truth

Photopost Princeton NJ – 02-03

Photopost Juventum NYC – 01-31

Here is something that is less of a prophesy and more in the line of Catholic meditation and prayerful facts

He has not YET come for the Vatican Commission of Ecclesia Dei and it’s communities & members that number internationally in the millions (of which the “in-communion” with the Catholic Church Society of FSSP is only one Priestly society of many

But when he does and he attempts to shut down the traditional Seminaries, and begin suppression(s) and the like as he did to the FFI Seminaries what will happen?

SSPX already knows what will happen – Catholic defections en masse all over the world – How do we know that they know it will happen – International correspondences are going back and forth and they are building Seminaries and Churches all over the world, preparing to provide sanctuary and reparation for what is coming and they have international funding

In our prayer life,  Masses and our thoughts , as always, should be instead with those in need, and those needing our prayers, those suffering, and with the Catholic Martyrs of the East not of our rebellious Catholic hierarchy

Our Sorrowful Mother on the Gallwiese pray for us

Christian Symbol Of Muslims _2015