The Heterodox and Heretical Bishops and Cardinals attempt to build another church within The Catholic Church as the stark contrasts between the two Churches within the Catholic Church become clearer and clearer

Cardinal Wuerl calls Cardinal Burke a ‘dissenter’: pot calls the kettle black

It gets worse , he is not just hostile to Orthodox Cardinals and Bishops (publicly calling THEM dissenters) Cardinal Wurl is hostile to Faithful and Traditional Catholics not unlike that of his colleague the radical liberal Cardinal Kasper the friendly ghost.

In the past several years Cardinal Wurl has presented a host of obstacles to the resurgence of the Traditional Rite and it’s Masses in his Washington DC regions

As his liberalism is no secret only to the viewers of EWTN, as this US Catholic channel presents him in interviews as a stellar Cardinal of authority

He now requires a letter from one’s bishop or previous superior detailing the liturgical skill set of a priest wishing to offer Low Mass in the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception for any celebrant there.

Traditional Latin Masses offered at parishes not designated by the Archdiocese as TLM-approved sites are prohibited from being publicized through the Diocese as they are in Newark Archdiocese as well

Washington, D.C. is full of private Low and even High Masses not listed on church websites or bulletins.) And, of course, the second annual Mass on the anniversary of the installation of Benedict XVI was canceled at the last minute, despite months of planning and preparations made.

At the last moment he blocked Archbishop Augustine DiNoia’s 2nd annual Mass in DC celebrating Benedict XVI’s Sumorum Pontificorum back in 2011 with over 4000 people planning to attend – The emabarrisng cancellation that had to be issued by the Paulus Institute was outrageous while at the same time what they call “modern Masses’ are allowed throughout the diocese – which are like a sing along in the round

In the words of AM radio talk show hosts ” Since there is no real media of any objectivity left in the US that is not compromised by federal spending restructuring to a socialism model who is left to challenge anything they say Including the total lack of objectivity of our own EWTN, nothing of a contesting quality US journalism of old is published and if so it is a rarity under potential persecution of the author.

Here are other examples of the new, and actively under construction, in the new Church

CMTV New Homosexual activists in Rome and in NYC (Saint Patrick’s Day Parade) are given the forefront with dissident US nuns.

The new Bishop in Vermont, US has just made public statements supporting transgendered people INCLUDING Holy Communion for same

Listen to Mary Jo Anderson and she will tell you all about the invisible war that is being fought for the life of the Catholic Church in the US, as Bishops in the US continue to betray the Church right and left

A reminder of the secondary reason –  mysticism and power of Ashes in the form of a Cross on the forehead

The Church militant prepares for battle as it marches toward the Resurrection

Bagpipes can be heard in the distance