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The Papal appointed Apostolic (Czar) over the Franciscan Friars of The Immaculata, Father Volpi, has just been found guilty in an Italian Court of defamation, lies, and misconduct.

He has been ordered to pay $20,000 Euros and make public apology to all the media outlets of his wrongs against the Manelli Family and the FFIs

The deposed leader of the FFIs Father Stephan Manelli is from a noble Catholic family with two ancestors that are Sevants of God and one in whose cause towards Beatification is up for Venerable – Francesca Romano translates for us from Italian and for those that read/speak Italian the direct link to the Italian is also within the links

The question remains really for the Holy Father, having the Apostolic Commisioner over the FFIs admit his guilt is not enough, how long will he let the crushing of the former fastest growing Traditional Catholic Order in the world be persecuted into non-existence

Photographs at the bottom of FFIs at Griswold Liturgy and former traditional Pontifical Masses

Books by renown author Father Stephan Manelli and the Manelli family and their great love of Eucharistic Adoration



In other news that has broken

Based on huge responses from the activists of the Church militant faithful , these many contacts that came from all of” us” to the Diocese of Cleveland against offering a Catholic

Funeral Mass for an openly homosexual Knight of Columbus purported to have been civilly married in a same sex marriage has been cancelled

Also in the same news link

  • Unlike the Carolinas where the State Supreme Court judges stepped down and resigned last month before being forced by the federal government to perform homosexual marriages and or allow judges in their districts to perform same
  • In Alabama there is a stand-off between the chief State judges refusing to allow homosexual marriage in the state of Alabama or permit any judge to permit same and the Federal government’s override mandate now escalating against the State of Alabama – Alabama is one of close to 20 States that have filed to cede from the union of the United States of America
  • The USCB finally responds to wide spread Catholics complaint about silence and inactivity on major issues by weighing in with an official statement condemning the Fifty Shades of Gray movie and it’s glorification of the abuse of women and the sexually profane as a lifestyle
  • The USCB is still silent however on the recent CRS (Catholic Relief Services) official denial of misconduct and financial corruption (without any supporting facts responding to multiple page reports on misallocation of Catholic funds to pro-homosexual, pro-euthanasia and pro- abortion apostolates) just a two line ‘official denial’

At Marquette University however the situation is escalating with still no official responses from the Bishops

Real communistic philosophies begin to set in here as this Catholic University moves to “protect their students from Catholicism”

“The American Association of University Professors” has taken the side of the Catholic Church in a counter lawsuit and it may go to the high Courts

Please write · Archdiocese of Milwaukee Address: 3501 S Lake Dr, St Francis, WI 53235Phone:(414) 769-3300

Ask the Dicastry specifically if this will become a precedent case and/or will this be the first Catholic institution that defends homosexuality as part of it’s identity and will their Catholic name and identity continue to remain intact at this University in the eyes of the public and the See of Milwaukee, WI – If you explicitly REQUIRE a response and list yourself and your parish as Faithful Catholics they are REQUIRED to respond Again if they do not respond you  of course have recourse to the Papal Apostolic Nuncio to the US in Washington DC – Archbishop Carlo Vigano

Your prayers and Holy Activism are having an impact !

In the words in Pope Leo XIII “Catholics are born for combat”

It is what we were ‘primarily put here for” the eternal PEACE is to be brought about in the next world by helping to bring as many souls as possible with us – God willing, we His lowly humble servants, are allowed to enter as well

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May your shrovetide- your household purging of desserts – sweets and your Pancake Tuesday go well


PS There is a call for volunteers at Holy Innocents – cleaning – coordinating – handing out flyers etc….If you are available please attend

It is expected that even with the freeze that between today Monday the 16th and Ash Wednesday 02/18/15 that over 1000 people will receive the Sacrament of Penance and over 2000 will receive Ashes on the fasting & sackcloth solemnity day that is the day after tomorrow

Also note that

A week from this Saturday 02/28, there will be a novus ordo pontifical Mass of the Dead by Cardinal Dolan offered for the soul of Father Benedict Groeshel more to follow – on events update day…

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