Both Saint Valentines were buried along the Via Flaminia was an ancient Roman road leading from Rome near the Milvan Bridge of Ponte Milvio over the Apennine Mountains One a Priest and the other a Bishop and Martyr from the late 200s AD

Declared Saints in 496AD  by Pope Gelasius I these two Saints as well as a third Valentine of Africa were  always celebrated on 02/14

He was the Bishop of Terni-Narni-Amelia whose See (Cathedral) is pictured here, below. As you can see it is a real place and he is real Saint that has interceded on the many centuries for millions of people in the supernatural ways that the God-man Jesus Christ (that became humanly incarnate and was crucified) not only permits but promotes as unique component within the economy of our salvation process

Terni Duomo.jpg

When non- Catholics ask us — “Oh so this was a Catholic thing ?! February 14th ?’ Valentines”  …When we answer …’Of course ….These same people searching for the Truth look to modern Catholic calendars and find it’s not celebrated at any point in the year in the new rite nor for the past 50 years They instead find ?! Saints Cyril and Methodius and they give up as a tall tale told by Catholics.

What is the Truth ?

Saint Valentines is celebrated for close to two millennia  on 02/14 and have many venerations of both Sacred Tradition and regular regional traditions                      Vatican II suppressed the Feast and also moved the July 7th, 3rd class feast of Saints Cyril and Methodius onto 02/14 attempting to blot it out

The Mass this morning and this afternoon in the Traditional Rite was of course Saint Valentine – red vestments – red altar linens ect…If the church has had a stained glass window of Saint Valentine or the rare statue of Saint Valentine (if not broken down with the marble high Altars in the post conciliar era) then the images were of course incensed during the Sacred Liturgy.

There are, as we all know, Parishes where the 2nd iconoclast movement of the Catholic Church -1970 through the 1980s is still extant and has not been reversed – It is sadly waiting for that generation of liberals, Bishops and priests, in any given area to pass on. A wait is on in many regions for the the younger generation to inherit the authority in order to initiate a much anticipated  Parish by Parish Catholic restoration

It’s essential that we all participate in putting an end to the era of the post 1960s revolution within the Church and express to Pastors, Pastoral Vicars, and Deacons our refusal as Catholics to put up with it any longer and our current methods to defund them and to actively fund the Catholic restoration

Our Lady of Lourdes pray for us