Opposing Islam with Charity from the Chairman’s news blog


Muslims protest Pope Francis “Whoever insults my mother will get my fist”


Muslim prayer service in Cologne Cathedral


The Global Warming Mythology – “The biggest scandal that ever was”


How is the mythology of global warming (in the normal cycles of the earth in the Trinitarian grand architect’s design) and the islamic apostasy epidemic related

Obama makes public statement in Goebels news doublespeak that the one needs to be replaced by the other and the news media is exaggerated the (global) islamic terror

THAT deserves a big LOL Laugh out loud- Reference story below


Example of formerly reputable journalism of main stream media morphing into gibberish propaganda vehicles before our very eyes. A form of “virtual defection” to the ultra liberal cultural revolution is at hand as Rod Nordland of the New York Times tells PBS that actually the Houthis are “trying desperately” to be friends with the United States. They seized the U.S. Embassy vehicles for “safe-keeping,” you see.


60 Questions Muslims Don’t Like To Be Asked!


The new category of “neo-conservative” Catholics (whatever that is)

States that muslims are on the same page with faithful Catholics in other countries on the topics of the infringement of the culture of death and that we should “partner with them” ?! on these subjects

More on that topic in future posts in the developing islamic thread

One such example is this photo of last year’s public march (Feb 2014)in Paris when a half million protested proposed sodomy rights and homosexual marriage laws and new laws for gender ideology redefinitions – Ideologues cited muslims as a certain small but growing percentage of the 1/2 million – Photo inset below Paris Homosexual Marraige Protest

Our Lady of Fatima Pray for us