On this Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes all we can say is healing will not come to us until we go to the healing

If we don’t turn activist in our prayers letters and phone calls the culture death within the hierarchy of the Catholic Church will overtake us as the Lord let it overtake the 1st people of the Covenant

Homosexual Advocate -Cardinal Reinhard Marx denounces Traditionalist youth movement as the world’s next terrorists and gives new Catholic dogmatic orientation on the endorsement of life long homosexual commitments


Heretical Bishop in Atlanta sponsors homosexual advocates group Fortunate Families Atlanta


Catholic Church near Cleveland Ohio (St. Marys Parish in Chardon, Ohio) breaks canon law and offers Catholic funeral for a rebellious Knights of Columbus grand knight that was openly married to another man


To write or call the Bishop’s Office the information can be found here



In yet another major scandal Lisa Raquel Benitez Pro- Homosexual Advocate leader and career long Planned Parenthood Event Manager is given a full Catholic funeral IN THE CATHEDRAL of HOUSTON Galveston Diocese under the guise of Father Lawrence Jazwiak

Please weigh in here as people of other religions are laughing AT OUR GOD !


Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston Chancery

Please make a difference as a Catholic ……..please write or call

Ask to speak with both Cardinal DiNardo and his Secretariat for Communications Jonah Dycus.-Main Office: 713-659-5461


Full violation of Catholic Canon law on the matter 1389-2 is located here



A commission has been formed in the Vatican to study the accountability of Bishops


We must not let the new Rite Cardinals and Bishops with their Liturgical subjectivity and their moral relativism continue to dismantle the Church from within

Every living Baptized Catholic is called to take up arms in the light of the power of our Trinitarian God and our Davidic Queen