His Eminence Cardinal Burke, under pressure from many sides,  is forced to clarify his comments about resisting the Pope


The post Vatican II iconoclastic movement and ultra-ecumenism ideology had hit the Dutch regions particularly hard. This year the Dutch will border up and close down 75% of it’s Catholic Churches and begin sell offs


Bishop Athansius Schneider will visit the United States this weekend and give talks in Washington DC about the required renewal of Catholic Liturgy at the heart of Catholicism


Bishop Athansius Shneider interview on the egregious liturgical abuses in the new rite at the center of the problems


The effects of suppression of Septuagesima and pre-lent season for another “Ordinary Time”


In an interesting associated old blog post from “Charlotte Was Both” the orthodox and astute Catholic writer Amy Welborn posts as follows on the subject of and the consequences of the new rite suppression of Septuagesima.


The misunderstandings of Catholic Liturgy in that the Eucharist in it’s primacy is a sacrifice and presentation of THE victim who is also our Savior. How is the VICTIM that IS Jesus Christ, presented in your Liturgy



There is also another story which takes into consideration that that what  must be barred is Christian contemporary pop music from the Liturgy in the next phase of the restoration and enforce liturgical law that is already in place which most people don’t even realize we have a constitution in Sacrosanctum Concilium as so many parishes feel that they know better what is best for their people and ignore the Catholic constitution

By the end of the month talks will re-commence on the restoration of music in the liturgy at Old Saint Patricks Cathedral on Mulburry Street NYC

Schola and chant weekend workshop for Sacred Liturgical music concluded at Saint Anthony of Padua West Orange<NJ this past Sunday afternoon with the whole parish practicing in unison what it learned from having Canon Wulfran Lebocq flying in for the weekend for the workshop

Story from when Canon celebrated High Mass in Limrick Ireland at Saint Patricks several years ago


Article that Canon Lebocq wrote on Sacred music back in April of 2014


Happy Memorial of the Martyr Saint Scholastica

Ave Maria