Photopost from last Monday’s night’s Candlemas Feast at Mater Ecclesia, Berlin, NJ – A High Pontifical Mass with processionals led by his Excellency Bishop Dennis Sullivan

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Also in NJ, home to traditional beeswax candles for the tristate region, is of course the handmade candles from the Dominican Nuns of Summit, NJ

Also open to the public and welcome to attend Vespers to the screened “lay side” of the cloistered Dominican nuns Chapel to which father Z says “To whom I’m sure you guys already know”                                                                                                             

You can watch a video trailer of a bit of their life …..(also great to be shown to your Parish’s girls in the midst of their considering high schools, colleges and vocations)

Actually they are known more popularly or internationally as the Seignadau Soap traditional nuns of Jersey. These cloistered nuns are hand craft people that primarily make soap products They also make our traditional beeswax candles for Chapels and Traditional Catholic homes that use them in their home Liturgies of Divine Offices,  during home storm vigils and vigils of the dead , when the children are scared or during power outage prayers – It is of course recommended that the candles be blessed using the liturgical old Rite of Candlemas at the high Altar prior to such usage

Let’s pray for a growth of these amazing nuns who obviously need supporting $ outside of the current climate of Dicastries that are not favorable to the Catholic schools of thoughts of asceticism

Western Roman Catholic news site and polemical Catholic blog and apologetics site Eponymous Flower,posted the recent  interview with Cardinal Burke where the Cardinal said “that he will provide resistance to proposed alterations of Catholic doctrine and if necessary resistance to the Holy Father”, the transcription translation is from the US SSPX site (not in communion with Rome)

However it appears that when the video and transcription just became available in the US – This is verbatim, word for word as to what was said

The video and the transcript in English and the Il Foglio Italian translation seem to be matching so there can be no VII type ambiguity of interpretation claims

Friday night tentative legislation went into place in Canada on legalized assisted suicide

In Canada the way their legislature works is that proposed laws are put on the books if enough parliament signatures are had and it be becomes a law one year    (from this past Friday night) if there are no significant legal challenges

Catholic metaphysics, evolving scholastics, and doctrinal theologians alike see it as a mere stepping stone to where it’s headed in a financial based model

Within 30 months of a nation-wide western law of this type professionals that are both doctors and lawyers representing the big insurance companies will begin to decide who gets to live and who gets to die

The Holy activists in our communities have already begun circulating petitions to put a stop – Chances and odds that the law could be halted or filibustered are currently listed as 80% + against

The petition to sign is located here thru the Life Family and Culture news site “LSN”

For your legal ground use “not withstanding clause” located here

The ridiculousness of eating on the drive to Catholic Mass being re-analyzed

For those following the Traditional Rite that have discarded 95% + of all the novus ordo liberalisms in returning to Sacred Tradition

Are we being selfish by conveniently holding onto the one hour fast (for the non-elderly & those without health complications that is)?

The case for the return to three hour prerequisite before Holy Communion also needs to be closely reconsidered

I would further add that if we do look at more closely and ask ourselves is the “en vogue” excuse for convenience in the face of a busier every day living really valid or were the people of the former era not even busier and working much longer days than us?!

Is it really a mask for another element of infringement from the reformation Mass in the form of “a challenge” to the centrifugal Catholic doctrine of Transubstantiation with the reformation’s “Consubstantiation” and the impetus behind it’s sister ideology of relocating the Tabernacle – Are they not wedded theologically here? Look at this basic wikipedia definition of “consubstantiation” located here

Bishop Richard Malone of Buffalo NY calls for a mass protests of the film “50 Shades of Gray” as an abuse of Sacredness of the female race

or as further reference, Alice Von Hildebrand woes the world with her theologically astute “The Privilege of Being A Woman” a five star rating Catholic book found in paperback form for only $5 used on Amazon

May these Feast days of Virgins and Martyrs bring sanctity to our families & with tomorrow’s feast of Saint Scholastica and tomorrow night’s Vigil of healing Our Lady of Lourdes bring us those revelations of the inseparable closeness of The Holy Spirit, The Healing of Holy Water and Our Queen & Lady of Lourdes


Ave Maria