Bishop Athanasius Schneider states the orthodox faithful of the new Catholic media must become the new 5th column of resistance and must expose what is going on in Rome and the USCB

There must be a continuation in where both Benedict XVI and John Paul II left off in the battle and even as far back as JPII’s powerful Encyclical “Veritas Splendor” where he began to expose the civil war in the Ecclesial Roman Catholic Church and how deeply the Church is mired in it

Both from a doctrinal and dogmatic perspective as well as a Liturgical perspective we already know “The Restoration” has begun we’ve all seen it grow from faithful Catholics at a grass roots, level uniting regionally and, now begin to unite internationally

It however MUST be coupled together with “The Resistance” movement as they are tightly intertwined The resistance of mass secularism, and moral relativism and as it relates to it’s support and propagation from within the hierarchy of the Catholic Church

Which brings us to the lists of sources of authenticity where THEY WILL BE END RUN – In this this the information technology age, it will have the Truth come out in every sector and overthrow them

What  the most damaging incredulous outlets exposing Catholic families to pure venom of a social reconditioning, a redefinition of religion and sin itself are well known by many including those in the socio-political, sociological, and psychology sectors.

Lists of reliable new Catholic Media outlets and sources will be listed  vs. hereforeto : the eroded, the unreliable, the sins by omission, the heterodox, the heretical, and the apostate ( and these are just for starters, as there are many more you need to protect your family and ourselves from and censor !)

If you are getting news, information, or data from outlets such as MSNBC, NBC, CBS, Fox News or outlets like Crux please be advised that is a danger to your family

Likewise compromised main stream Catholic media, which no longer represents reliable media and to which provide, doctrine, dogma, and news perspectives that are no longer authentic Catholicism are as follows :

Catholic Answers, Patheos, National Catholic Reporter, The USCB, and the post Mother Angelica EWTN They are (among their many other errors) still pushing the protestant revolution into the Catholic Church

For those unawares liberal Catholicism has failed and ultra liberal Bishops in a myriad of sectors have a full run currently underway on hiring highly paid consultants in trying to figure out what to do next and what their next moves should be

In the mean time what is being pushed within the “establishment Church” is homosexuality, radicalized secularism, moral relativism, coupled together through the new rite with liturgical modernism and iconoclasm

There are virtually no Dicastries, no Bishops no official Catholic institutions talking about or openly discussing the revolution within the Church furiously being faught on every level – Euthanasia, Abortifacients, Contraception, invitro fertilization and benefits and compromises for the powerful homosexual lobby infiltrating every Catholic hospital, Catholic Parish and Catholic school one step at a time, (not as in previous years…just without a fight but) WITH OFFICIAL CATHOLIC ASSISTANCE

The NEW Catholic media is uniting and with our help it will overthrow the hierarchy that has infested the  legacy of two thousand years of salivation history And it will do it with Trinitarian power –  Consecration to Our Lady and the use of Infallible Catholic Truth the three common denominators uniting Faithful Catholics and the new Catholic media everywhere

This list of trustworthy Faithful Catholic media outlets that you should turn to for 100% reliable information and truth that are completely free from federal funding infiltrated Catholicism are as follows

Life Site News

American Life League


The Wanderer

Catholic Herald UK

The Lepanto Institute

Forward Boldy Online Radio

Saint Michael’s Media and Church Militant TV

Mass Resistance .org

Five years since Michael Hitchborn first broke the story about how much of the collection plate of Catholics are funding the culture of death much has happened

The first year the USCB ignored it, the second year they announced that the reports were in error and mistaken, the third year that they would look into financial misconduct, the fourth year they said they would reform and now this past year they’ve decided that THIS IS the direction of the USCB and they’ve increased !  the amount of firms fueling the culture of death and increased their funding $ amounts – full stop – Basically saying unofficially “What are you going to do about it?!”

If you think the money you’ve given to the Bishops that went to CRS was a lot and very questionable then wait till you see how deep their CCHD partners are in abortion –euthanasia and homosexuality ! THREE MILLION DOLLARS IN THE LAST TWO YEAR REPORT – of YOUR MONEY !!! DIRECTLY TO THESE CONCERNS

The Lepanto Insitute breaks it down by the dollar

The USCB is currently on track for the next two year reporting cycle to become one of the leading funders of the homosexual lobby




Download Dr. Marshner’s report in pdf format

It’s our obligation at the upcoming Men’s and Women’s Conferences to confront them

If we’re thrown out and or our credibility derided offer it as reparation for past life sins through our Mediatrix and Queen

One example of the success of Truth end running  the false

A priest in the Archdiocese of Washington State held a “Superbowl Mass.”?!?! this past Sunday watch it at the 56:00 to 58:00 interval of the Mass that was posted on their own Parish web site with football chanting , masks, Seahawk heads even by the Priest that was offering the Mass on the Altar… with a Superbowl party atmosphere within the actual Novus Ordo Liturgy and the Altar completely decked out in Seahawks everything

The archdiocese official spokesman said there is no problem “no story here”!

Within one day of their statement  they pulled the video of the Mass down off their web site and denied it

But the information technology age responds by saying “Give me a break” and immediately posted it to You Tube located here

Every one should write this Washington State Bishop, express their embarrassment on behalf of the Lord and other types of Christians and pound the Bishops office with the Truth

If he does not respond in kind in 7 days, the Papal Nuncio to the US should then have over a hundred letters on his desk in Washington DC letting him know that the Bishop is unresponsive to apostasy

If this happens every time the Bishop and his Priests deviate from Catholic teaching eventually they will have to cease their apostasy or people will leave their Parishes and cease funding them and instead attend the closest Monastic Order Chapels and religious orders which are growing in direct proportion

And as always we must increase our prayers from them in this battle

Their corruption can be tracked through the money

For them it’s a balance of power and money to the tune of 85% of their concerns

For us this fight is for the Faith and the fate of our families

This is required in the fight against the increase of masonry, secularism, moral relativism, protestantized Catholicism and dissolution of western Christian civilization

The gauntlet was thrown and the horn sounded Ride out and meet them in the field with a Holy sword in hand or they will eventually meet you in your backyard and your house

In the Lord of the Rings it is the point where the last bastions of Holy mankind are surrounded in the Battle of Helms Deep for the survival of middle earth and Rome is sending Orcs

May Our Lady be with you at His feet at the foot of “your” Cross