Apologies, as the ice and snow storms have provided us with some delays with the High Solemn Event Mass announcements and regular photo posts…catching up here ….

Juventum International – Traditional Roman Catholic Youth in over a dozen countries with over 30 Chapters

Fœderatio Internationalis Juventutem http://juventutem.org/approvals/

recently held it’s Event Mass, for Juventum, NYC with public talk and convivium @ HI, NY this past Saturday, recently uploaded posting on their facebook page with many familiar faces


High Requiem Mass in London for one month anniversary of the plane crash of 162 victims – Pray for their eternal rest in the light.


A regular Traditional Dominican Rite Mass is instituted for First Saturday’s in San Francisco, California


Photopost from the Traditional Pontifical Roman Catholic Mass in Washington DC on the 22nd January for the March of Life –


The Mass was offered for  Nellie Gray and sponsored by the Paulus Institute https://www.thepaulusinstitute.org/ and celebrated by His Excellency, the unshakable, Thomas John Paprocki Bishop of Illinois. The Mass was packed with young adults from Juventutem chapters from Michigan, Miami, Boston, Chicago and Washington


The Mass of All Ages is reinstated in Venice at Saint Mark’s Basilica. Cardinal Angelo Scola, now Archbishop of Milan, established a rectorate in Venice for the believers of the Old Rite and entrusted it to the FSSP (the Fraternal Society of Saint Peter) and a 1200 year old Anniversary Mass is celebrated on the High Altar


Please join us as we rebuild and help us put an official end to the VII generation that almost destroyed the Roman Catholic Church

May the Mediatrix of All Graces Be With You all the way to the feet of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ