CRS money pouring into the culture of death from the US Bishops coffers is unstoppable , as Christine Niles reports on CMTV, one CRS scandal after another

She also reports on Chile’s Catholic government fighting to stay “Abortion free” with calls for prayers as the influx of Freemason politicians wish to introduce Abortion exceptions laws ………..and that’s how it begins

New study just out, Oral contraceptives linked to brain cancer !

On the definition of Terrorism….. “The Ultimate Act of Terrorism is Abortion” –           TFP exclusive

Trying to stop the babies from being cut up limb from limb from limb while in the womb is difficult, as pro-life groups push the new ‘Dismemberment Abortion Ban’ to protect younger babies                                                                                                                                                                                   /opinion/national-right-to-life-ups-ante-and-pushes-new-dismemberment-abortion-ban-o

Bishops in Los Angeles, California are silent on the continued Catholic name and affiliation of Loyola of Marymount,  as the college begins to offer pro-abortion internships

Wrapping it all up Church Militant’s recent Vortex episode calls upon the prophesy of our times given to this era of the faithful Catholic laity  For the first time in history the laity are the ones charged to challenge the corrupt Ecclesial administrations of our Holy Roman Catholic Church,  defund their apostolates, refuse to attend Parishes that deviate from the Truth and support instead the tithing of our time and financial resources to Faithful Catholic apostolate work

The call is upon us – let us begin to shut them down and rebuild through our own God given powers of prayer, intercession, and Catholic family financial resources

In Jesus Mary and Joseph