An academically astute nun, who actually gets it (the heart of Catholic worship) goes to the bottom of the issue with expedience

She leads a schola apostolate that attempts to synchronize with every movement of the beauty of the Liturgy ‘usus antiquior’

Photo within her story of the beginning of a Candlemas start as the procession to the foot of the Altar in the dark candle lit -incense smoke filled Church

Going To Meet The Light Of The World

“On the way …….to meet the Light of the World” as it should be

One (1) year old video is released from the day of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception December 8, 2013 when the appointed czar of iconoclastic Catholicism himself “Fr. Fidenzio Volpi”, the Apostolic Commissioner placed over the FFIs, closes one of their main schooling centers “The Theological Seminary of the Immaculate Mediatrix”

This along with additional footage of the FFIs “entire day” in the way that they worship ! as the Truth begins to emerge

Full credits to “Rorate Caeli” for the video and to which you must have HTML #5 version to view

Holy Father speaks to a gathering regarding his continued push for his new ‘Socialism” ideals of international redistribution of food and to which are coupled to  include the mythology of a climate instability crisis that has also become the mantra of the new age, syncretism, and one world religion movements