The Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculata – turn to Our Lady in the case of Rwanda Africa and that of their own persecuted plight

As the culture of death funds from Catholic Charities continue to pour in to Rwanda from the Catholic Church in the United States thru the corrupt USCB (The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops) the Sisters can only turn to Our Lady

In an amazing positive attributes only article written by an Immaculata Sister – ~attached~ attributing to their courage in the face of persecution they turn to Our Lady and Her intercession to our Lord without complaint –

Rwanda’s Only Defense Our Lady Of Kiebo

This is despite their continued full persecution from Rome under Visitrix (Visitation) without formal charges

The writer for the Kolbean “Militia International” Sister Mary Faustina Olsen illustrates how Rwanda, in post of the genocides and the many apparition messages to their country from Our Lady (on the choices between heaven, purgatory and hell ) now have only Our Lady of Kiebo left to turn to for intercession to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

Surrounded by persecutions and a declining moral condition in Rwanda makes it near impossible to resist the forces of new and corrupting money coming in from the US Catholic Church via their pseudo charities

One such forefront USCB charity is CRS (Catholic Relief Services)

CRS here in this their apostolate region of Rwanda and other regions continues it’s program of the sterilization of women, abortifacients, contraception, and homosexual awareness & acceptance education

It’s funded primarily by Mass going Catholics in the US

10% of all funds collected in new rite Diocesan parishes in the US go to the Parish’s Chancery Dicastries

2% of which (large sums of money ) are then fueled into CRS

Every new AND old Rite rite Mass going Catholic that does not attend a Chapel or Church run by an Order, an Oratory or an Ecclesia Dei community is a financially contributing member to this culture of death …unless of course you give 100% of your tithing to the 2nd collection and you’ve confirmed, with your Parish,  that the 2nd collection is immune to the hands of the United States Bishops

As reported on by Life Site News on Tuesday with a story confirming the above and illustrating a newly released study done by The Lepanto Institute, the mounting evidence is irrefutable -link to story below~

In this the 3rd year in a row that letters and petitions numbering in the hundreds were sent to the USCB,  the USCB responded officially this past year, in late 2014, and ruled to continue to keep CRS as well as several other culture of death non-profits, that are disguised as Catholic charities, on the payroll as Catholic charities to which they will continue to fund

In post of this ruling/ announcement the Lepanto Institute began an investigation  and issued the following full report  ~attached~CRS-My-Changing-Body-FINAL

The USCB has ruled on the matter but how has your family ruled in your conscience obligations before the Lord?  Since there is no ecclesial, biblical or canon law that binds a practicing believer to the new invention of Bishops Conferences

How much longer are you going to contribute to the culture of death and be part of the secular parishes that are actively trying to dismantle the Catholic Church from within ?

CRS even promotes a program of healthy masturbation for 10 year olds as reported this past week by Christine Niles on CMTV’s nightly news -link below ~

..and the CRS list goes on and on

Many US Catholics are unaware of what is going on Many are under persecution themselves as professional Catholics paid by the Church they are unwittingly made to uphold the current culture of denial In a “type of nice” that is required. They cannot  publicly acknowledge, or themselves disclose, that there is wide spread Liturgical, Sexual , and Financial corruption within the US Catholic Church’s hierarchy

Rather than cause division – let us Faithful Orthodox Catholics be a blinding light that shines into the dark corners that makes darkness, in the presence of the Light of the Absolute Truth an impossible darkness to uphold and darkness a thing that cannot survive in the Body of Christ

Whenever we mention any organization or entity in a negative light however true it must, by requirement, be accompanied by double the amount of prayer for same.

Please pray for the women of Rwanda and the women of the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculata They share a similar plight, as both are under full persecution from progressivist Catholic Bishops

Our Lady of Kibeho – O Mediatrix of All Graces –  sharpen our swords through your intercession where we kneel with you at the foot of the Cross of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ