Dozens of Stories Continue To Appear Each Week On Heretical Words and Concepts From the Pope – What Does It All Mean?

Conclusions from all these recent stories, following the provided links, at the bottom

Pope decries the current core method of Catholic evangelism and exegesis – Apologetics is given the thumbs now as well as Catholic theologians

Respectful dissent comes immediately from the Faithful of our theological communities on the Pope on the subject of  “Apologetics”

It was learned that Pope Francis approved family synod’s controversial mid-term report before publication: synod

Pope Francis meets transgender man at the Vatican

Pope Francis is then forced to apologize for his comments insulting large families


Are there are other examples of Popes who not only walked teeter tottering on the edge walls of heresy but actually fell into full heresy

There are several throughout history – one such perfect example was Pope John the 22nd in the age of Saint Thomas Aquinas as both he and Saint Robert Bellarmine wrote about THE DUTY of faithful Catholics to refute these types of Popes and their logic

The contradictions politically and theologically don’t appear to have a pattern only a consistent instability on all issues or do they

Is the Pope also simultaneously laying the groundwork for a reversal of Catholic dogma on the Catholic Church’s teachings on the Apostasy of the Islamic religion as a building block (he personally believes) to higher construction build

The Fatima prophesy that there will come a Pope that will always be dressed in white that will become “something else” is upon us

Footage within the immediately previous link shows the Pope hugging the Grand Mufti of Istanbul Turkey

Is that “something else” a Pope that that has come to deceive the people and complete the groundwork that was previously laid for the creation of a new syncretism religion?

As for prophesy it’s not about what any one person believes or doesn’t believe as to whether there is a clear agenda and a pattern to the Pontificate, where to the average Catholic it appears as random chaos but to the theological mind the road is being paved to something even bigger than a new “islamic – catholic” dogma

What is coming in the post-concilar Jesuit school of thought is the finalization of the ideology of ‘the abolishment of absolute Truth” and the establishment of the new religion of “Catholic Relativism”

In the event the Pope becomes a heretic we have previous precedents, infallible teachings and an indult to go by.

The See of Peter is an extension of the Davidic earthly Kings – There have been many corrupt Davidic Kings – but the Covenant remains – The power lies not with the man BUT WITH THE SEE – His successor has the power to undo anything this Pope has done or will do. A Pope can even lift an excommunication years AFTER the person has died ! if he so chooses and can loose the person from “earthly binding” to Purgatory and pave the way for the Lord to release him or her

There have been four Pontiffs in the history of the Catholic Church that were full heretics

  • Liberius I -352 – 366  2) Pope Honorius I 625 – 638 3) John XXII 1316 – 1334 4) Pope Pascal  II 1055 -1118
  • Giovanni the Teutonic declared when asked if was lawful to accuse a Pope of heresy stated it to be an obligation when endangering the good of the entire Church
  • Pope Paul IV gave a gave a formal documented teaching on if and when the Roman Pontiff falls into heresy as did Pope Pius V in his Proclamatory Bull Inter-Multiplices
  • i.e. Saint Robert Bellarmine gave an extensive teaching on instruction in the event a Pope becomes a heretic in De Romano Pontifice
  • Saint Francis De Sales gave a teaching on it
  • Saint Antoninus gave a teaching on it and stated explicitly if and when a Pope falls into heresy he finds himself alone and without any other sentence. It is further stated that no additional concurrences from fellow Cardinals can assist him
  • Most of which can be retrieved by archive sites even when made into the status of “no longer available” Some examples from Vatican archives sites are below.


  1. But this is not enough. Gregory rebukes the bishop who, through love of spiritual solitude and prayer, fails to go out into the battlefield to combat strenuously for the cause of the Lord: “The name of bishop, which he bears, is an empty one.” And rightly so, for men’s intellects are to be enlightened by continual preaching of the truth, and errors are to be efficaciously refuted by the principles of true and solid philosophy and theology, and by all the means provided by the genuine progress of historical investigation. It is still more necessary to inculcate properly on the minds of all the moral maxims taught by Jesus Christ, so that everybody may learn to conquer himself, to curb the passions of the mind, to stifle pride, to live in obedience to authority, to love justice, to show charity towards all, to temper with Christian love the bitterness of social inequalities, to detach the heart from the goods of the world, to live contented with the state in which Providence has placed us, while striving to better it by the fulfillment of our duties, to thirst after the future life in the hope of eternal reward. But, above all, is it necessary that these principles be instilled and made to penetrate into the heart, so that true and solid piety may strike root there, and all, both as men and as Christians, may recognize by their acts, as well as by their words, the duties of their state and have recourse with filial confidence to the Church and her ministers to obtain from them pardon for their sins, to receive the strengthening grace of the Sacraments, and to regulate their lives according to the laws of Christianity.

There are many others but here is another killer one…. this Infallible Encyclical is an additional precedent and guide for Catholics – “The Syllabus of Errors” by Pope Pius IX