The Holy Father begins his Lean towards the Socialist left as Liberation theology emerges

As we drill into it,

an organization that has completely changed it’s Core paradigm over the years and is following the new socialist agenda of the current pontificate is the Communion and Liberation movement

Having attended myself some of their monthly gatherings several years ago at their regional location in Yonkers as well as having attended their annual NYC three day gala or parts thereof for three years running this year I said no more.

I chose not to attend this year solely from having watched the metamorphosis of their “raison d’etre “. Seeing them single handily change within this organization, to include the young people that continue to follow it in 100% acquiesce to both it and their increasingly socialistic positions without questioning any of it, is reason enough.

Here it is in short in the Bergoglio and Giussani accord

“This Christianly authentic conception of morality that Giussani presents has nothing to do with the seemingly spiritual quietisms of which the shelves of today’s religious supermarkets are full. And neither does it have to do with the Pelagianism that is so popular in its various and sophisticated manifestations. Pelagianism, at bottom, is a new version of the tower of Babel. Seemingly spiritual quietisms are efforts at prayer or immanent”

Declaring itself not only as the opposite end of Catholic traditionalism and orthodoxy but letting it be known that “it” is currently ‘in-charge.

And here it is at length

You’ll see the essence of the pontificate here – The depth of it’s direction, if you could call it that, when you thought the direction was confusing or aimless it actually has architecture and this is the architecture and the details of it’s philosophies

It’s rabidly anti- traditional at it’s Core-, it has partnerships with other religions and of course the new dogmatic agenda of redefinition of islam and islamic ecumenism (which is forbidden by the way by Vatican II which only refers to Christian denominational ecumenism) is a big part of it’s dogmatic push as well.

Secondly it’s a new type of liberation theology, a socialism that is a form of radical egalitarianism with an unbolting of any required Christian commitments, replete with the new Catholic theology known “subsidiarity” The antithetical paradigmatic opposite ! of the infallible Catholic teachings of Quas Primas – Found here for your reference.


Further, it is devoid of any noble aristocratic Catholics association with Bishophric succession whatsoever. The latter of which has been virtually discarded by post conciliar theology and modern Catholic biblical exegesis in general. Why ? Because, in their opinion, the Truth ostracizes. Protestantism and protestant social teachings, of various so called Christian forms of government, to which the progressivists wish to propagate, IS their unofficial phase 2 of vatican II implementations. At the very least it is resident within the large and growing ranking ‘party’ within the Church.

Look at who the speakers  were at the Annal CL Conferences and then look at their dossiers

Look at how far to the left they are. Cardinal  O’Malley for example, has expressed allegiance with the papal approved progressivism of the new “subsidiarity” concepts

Some other reference if you feel these were to subtle of inferences to draw the clear conclusions that I have can be found on their posting on their official site

Here are some proof positive samplings of both this and the diametric position of previous Pontificates

Our Pope, in full approval this past summer, lifts the ban on the beatification of the Liberation Theology leader and Salvadoran Socialist Archbishop Oscar Romero, a direction banned by two previous Popes and the Vatican Congregation

Is the coming of this direction going to sanctify Romero here or “liberation theology to the forefront” or both ?

It was covered extensively by the BBC, and much more objectively than by any US Catholic mainstream media outlets (some of which purposely didn’t cover it at all)

Of course it was covered, this past summer, by the Fox Latino news, remembering that several million central and south American peoples have come to the US over the past two decades to escape radical socialism

What’s the connection between the new immigration policy and it’s sudden thunderous support from the USCB especially from countries like El Salvador and the changing political positions on socialism and religious partnerships of ideology?!

Let’s look a little more into the core of “The Jesuits understanding of socialism and liberation theology” and the purposeful unsettling work of the CIA that is always hard at work paving the road like the US Marines and ‘pre-setting’  the tone of “America to the rescue” in various regions and now in “cooperative mode” with the new Obamacare agenda of big socialistic type government models ~attached~

The Jesuits The CIA and The Salvadorian Socialist Movement – Tico Times 11.17.14(1)

In the words of the old black and white television satire blurbs that use to come on the televisions after the test and tone frames”””

“Madam ? Is this all purely speculation ?”………..laughs

Don’t dig too far past this ………you won’t like what you find


Reminder-Added Rosary prayers should be for the Holy Father not necessarily for’ his’ intentions