The Republicans are not your good friends

The pro-life majority house bailed on the tickets they ran on and they ran out on you

Behind closed doors hours before the March of over a half a million people on the Capital the women of the GOP bail on twenty week abortion ban and the ruling that that the baby can feel pain

Led by Renee Ellmers N>C concerns about the laws of rape and abuse cases

March for Life turns into a funeral march in mass as murdering the babies and cutting them up in the womb continues in all types of stages while the babies writhe in agony

There will come a response to the land

Eventually the Lord will forsake the land & cataclysm will come …as in the Scripture ….”Forty years I endured that generation as peoples who’s hearts have gone astray”


Thought you guys would appreciate the following

Reminiscent of Catholic processions and pilgrimages from centuries past from our history books is the apropos line from the wars of ancient Catholicism

“They will hear us before they see us”

Bagpipe section from TFP directly behind their red- banners and just to the side of Our Lady of Fatima as the army climbs over “The Hill” towards Independence Avenue and the United States Supreme Court

March On DC 2015