The roller coaster of His Holiness continues after some success in taking a hard line in more than several talks in the Philippines as the conservative traditional Catholic world sees glimmers of optimism, the familiar rattle of the roller coaster to a stall as it clicks to the pinnacle for the ride down the other side is heard

As there were indeed more ups than downs – The Philippines witnesses to a mass testimony of Faith to the world of  Catholic power & unity with the fifth largest gathering in human history broken only in records set in the mother lands of Poland is experienced and reverberated in more than just Catholic circles.

We are therefore able to look the other way at some of the other egregious events that took place such as the video captured of wide-spread liturgical abuses at the Pontifical Mass as lay people re-redistribute multiple Holy Communion to other lay people behind them in the hand like handing out leaflets and others pass Our Lord in their hands to others behind them.

I watched two of the Masses beside Filipino people that spoke Tagalog and they did not understand one word of the lay prayer devotions of the Mass – in their own country- with multiple dialects represented one after the other with the majority “not” understanding what was prayed or said.

There are hundreds of dialects that are nearer to ‘different languages’ – If anyone can see THIS as what was intended by the Church Fathers, the re-suffering of the tower in the dissemination of languages found in the Old Testament in the center of worship they would be mistaken

The Church has it’s own language that is understood universally all over the world in Hebrew – Greek and Latin with the primacy and official language of the Mother Church of the west being it’s official universal language of Latin

In one Papal Mass the Canon was prayed in Latin – the Readings Gospel and Homily in English and the devotional prayers in the languages of the Philippines and I said ok let me pay attention

But one Papal Mass latter and it was all different – Spanish was used as a primacy and translated into English and the Canon of the Mass ( which is called today the Liturgy of the Eucharist) in English

As it lacked consistency across even a 48 hour period even I was confused

One of the several definitions of Catholic is ‘universal” = common to everyone

A speech by his Holiness at my wife’s alma mater the Pontifical University of Saint Thomas was given on the inequality we as Catholics give women. As he relayed this speech it was given in the middle of young peoples witness to his Holiness one after the other in short talks which were by 75% men/boys to 25% women/girls – simultaneously during His Mass . He further stated that we as Catholics do not give equal opportunity in multiple areas including education despite there is a near equal enrollment of both sexes at the University he was speaking at that was established in 1611AD

The “politics” of those statements then therefore confused me further

Trying hard to find the upsides and the unity His Holiness established via  sui juris status a new Metropolitan See for the Eritrean Catholic Church the Pontiff approved we celebrated including the rule to preserve it from the new Rite.

But yet another day brings us, as per the trajectory of this Pontificate, into another direction

On the plane back to the west the other night being reminded by his advisers that he was “heading back now into the secular west” the Pontiff made public the statement that Catholics should not feel the need to breed like rabbits ?! direct quote he indirectly advocates the only other choice to achieve his new goal – NFP (natural family planning)

Anyone who is well read on the topic of NFP will find that it is no new invention or discovery by Catholicism but it is an ancient religious custom of the Wicca religion to which is many facets of study of Catholics bioethics and the pharmaceutical culture of the west borrow from as they also seek “the new Catholic ecumenism” as well

If you look at the many things a woman needs to do,or  shall I say do to herself everyday, to continue in this practice , it is very far from natural

Natural is a practice and terminology called “abstinence” and is quite different

If you are still doubting the origin of NFP and or official NFP teachings that come out of places like the Giana Center in Manhattan, NYC I suggest that you read

“The Case Concerning Catholic Contraception”, by Michael Malone or Dr. Jay Boyd’s book , (talented author that she is) “Natural Family Planning”

Giana Center provided teachings that were so heretical that my wife and I had to walk out of the seminars in progress in NYC in protest.

Among the many errors they provided to us that “ financial reasons – while a couple awaits a job promotion ?! and the purchase of a house were given as “official reasons to be legally allowed to practice NFP according to the Giana Center

As we all know that the official teachings of the Catholic Church for the people of the new rite are that NFP can be practiced if there are “grave” circumstances, of which money $ can never be considered grave to anyone who believes “the Lord will provide” and the understanding of what is “grave” can only be understood by studying the lives of the Saints

To traditional Catholics NFP is on par with voodoo

In a chance to warn 6 million Catholics assembled together in a Catholic country His Holiness largely ignored the greatest threat to the west today which is it’s islamizsation through violence and enforced Sharia law which is not something the Philippines will be immune to in the coming generation

Literature was instead distributed en masse about climatization as a greater evil.

Meanwhile stories on jihad watch of attacks against Christians and Christian institutions quadruple world-wide as modernist Catholic bishops and theologians mysteriously separate islam from terrorism in some obscure historical critical method of philosophy                                                                

The post conciliar tract of ultra-ecumenism continues in one side of the Church while the other half of the Church grows and lives in the 100% opposite direction

No one bothers to read what the VII documents actually permit in the way of ecumenism all of whose rubrics are blown through the roof in the current movement of the radical left side of the Church

The relationship with the Jewish people and “self proclaimed “Christians of messianic Judaism are attempting to single handedly overturn 2000 years of scriptural exegesis on the doctrinal position of the old covenant

The claim to which I can give dozens of sources echoing that of regularized Jewish in the doctrine of messianic (jewish) Christianity is that the Old Covenant HAS NOT been abrogated and is still valid in affect is a new set of attempted Catholic dogmatics that exceeds the term heresy and is known as “apostasy” and involves self-excommunication according to the infallible teachings of the Catholic Church

Ask a movement leader like Jonathan Cahn if the Old Covenant has been abrogated or not for ALL people and he will tell you most certainly not.                Ask him if he knows that ‘type of apostasy’ disavows a Catholic into excommunication and he will denounce Sacramental Christianity’s New Law of the New Covenant

Take a ten minute perusal through the latest in a string of video taped collections of new rite masses

Do you really still believe that I should raise my children in this Rite – not if you want to keep them Catholics my friends not amongst rabid false ecumenism ‘within’ the Church’s very institutions

From among the many collections of video taped new rite Catholic masses of insanity that still go on unchecked

In another amazing documented example by first hand witness

In the large spectrum of Franciscanism from left to right –( hence the dozens and dozens of Franciscan orders) we have up at Garrision Ny are the Graymoor Franciscan Friars of the Atonement

This place was “recommended” to my wife and I to attend a weekend of marriage formation in the warm weather of 2013

It is also an official approved substitute for pre-cana

The travesty of this place goes beyond mere words – Another weekend at this place and we would have had suggested to change our religion to something other than Catholic and had us questioning our marriage plans or at least put them into question and have us consider children as an option?! and not a requirement

The dozens of abuses at this institution whose sessions were run primarily by a group of lay people and a priest who dressed as a lay person for the majority of the marriage retreat

At the time neither my wife nor I knew that this institution was officially on the extreme left of the “other” Catholic Church at the heart of the inter-religious syncretism movement

This institution is not only an ecumenical institute but an actual inter-religious institute- as if there was such a thing in infallible Catholicism

They offer no real opportunities or encouragement to convert to Catholicism only dialogue to co-exist across religions – Look at their apostolate and it will shock you

Look at their upcoming events …A professor speaks on how “the COMMONALITY of religions” leads to peace…..

What type of peace would that be ?! that’s not the peace that Jesus Christ offers to those who accept him –nor the darkness that accompanies those who reject Him AND those who cooperate with those who reject Him

This violates Scripture, Sacred Tradition, and even Vatican II documents on permitted ecumenism

1Cor 6 14Bear not the yoke with unbelievers. For what participation hath justice with injustice? Or what fellowship hath light with darkness? 15And what concord hath Christ with Belial? Or what part hath the faithful with the unbeliever? 16And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? For you are the temple of the living God; as God saith: I will dwell in them, and walk among them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. 17Wherefore, Go out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing: 18And I will receive you; and I will be a Father to you; and you shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.

Go out from them and be ye separate ! Not just in the Old Covenant but in the new it say again Go out from them and be ye separate !

On our weekend there in upstate NY writing up to three pages of abuses that would stagger any engaged pre-cana couple it included permitting couples to do question answer sessions on each other’s beds in each others rooms !

I could go on and site dozens of others but do not wish to bore you

Luckily in our vocational pursuit there was time to do damage control

Rather than waste time with official protests to the Vicar General of the FFAs or the Bishop we instead quickly located a traditional rite order priest that confirmed our understandings of the heresies we experienced and the improper Catholic marriage formation with the words “pure venom” in describing the apostolate in Garrision, NY

We were immediately re-started in our marriage formation from scratch according to the Baltimore Catechism and the Catechism of the Council of Trent intensively with the Holy Priest making one week night available for us every week for six weeks

The Quran ‘To call Allah the one true God ‘Father’ is blasphemy worthy of the most severe punishment”

Why ? because it’s a different God – It’s One God that they chose to worship out of the many they worshiped in their first 200 years of their polytheism And now an obscure reference to one of the tribes of Israel, in Ishmael that was disfavored by the Lord is undergoing an attempt by ecumenical Christian exegetes to re-write history on islam and the Divine Revelation of the one True Church

Even Scott Hahn goes on the record to call it a Catholic error

It’s called syncretism and it’s a new Pan religion and it’s not Christian

We go on the record to denounce this institution Graymoor Friars for using a Catholic property and Catholic resources and Catholic name to propagate the theology of MASONRY in disguise and worship the false god called Pan

To them we say of our Eucharistic Trinitarian Lord of all – the Divine person of the three headed God head that is manifest in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ – I kneel to the ground at the feet of the baby that becomes the man on the Cross and I say “My Lord and my God”

We all knew what was going on in the false ecumenism world and the other Catholic Church within the Catholic Church was big but we didn’t how deeply related are the subjects and how largely international the apostasy and the terror would become fueled and conflated in large part by fasle ecumenism itself and the type of protestantism that created this situation and continues to propagate the revolution

When I myself knew for the first time that it was of International and continental in nature is when the muslims ordered all the tourists out of the tomb of Jonah and then knelt in chanting prayer moments before their video taped controlled demolition that they then posted around the world

At that point you knew that it’s their religion There are no radical muslims This IS their religion

The former capitalist democracy that was the US experiment for about a century and a half has turned to an ultra-egalitarian model that at it’s core fuels the situation from it’s bases of egalitarian protestant ideologies whose main partners are secularism and masonry

Among many similar cities Newark NJ is home to over a dozen masonic lodges and there is no bake sale going on within

Robert De Mattei, writer, journalist and vaticanist European resident goes on the record to describe in detail exactly what is going on I’ve ~attached~ his detailed correspondence from overseas “Scandal To The Muslims Foolishness To The Gentiles by robert De Mattei

To them we say of our Eucharistic Trinitarian Lord of all – the Divine person of the three headed God head that is manifest in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ – I kneel to the ground at the feet of the baby that becomes the man on the Cross and I say “My Lord and my God” MY FATHER IS MY GOD

May the Immaculate Heart of Mary bring the Divine Heart of Jesus to bear in the life of ALL Catholics worldwide