An expose on prophesy vs. prediction, which is two very different things is highlighted this morning on the Catholic Journal Crisis magazine and is well writen.

In the news is the dedication of a new bi-Rite Church in South Carolina –

Great attention was taken to Sacred Architecture and Sacred Tradition by clergy, theologians, area dicastry, and architects in it’s design contributions , illustrating how and why you can never have an Altar in the center of a Church or a ‘holy meal table’ amongst the pews of the people if Sacred Art and Sacred Tradition is indeed to be accepted as a differentiating component (for Catholics) as part of the “Word of God”

Catholic Churches are by far majority in the shape of a Cross and the Sacrifice is offered at the head for many reasons. – Highlighting just a few,  we have to the left and to the right  the thieves ( the acolates) at the nails that serve the hands of the Lord ( and/or in many other places the Mother and Father of our Lord to either side) , the Holy Tabernacle of the Body is at the top in the center surrounded by thorns, (which is why every progressive Priest wants it moved out of the center of the thorns) crys of sorrow, chants, and songs of worship come up from the feet of the Crucifix  overhead of the crucifix and never just a Cross are always signs, symbols, or letters telling of who “He” is.

In somewhat related news

A Holy Land trip in April will be undertaken and led from the US by FSSP _(The traditional Fraternal Order of the Society of Saint Peter that was established by the Holy Father in the 1980s) leaving from Newark Airport in April

At every Holy Land site pre-permission has been given to conduct a Traditional Rite Mass at each of the Holy Land sites visited, in the way both the Church Fathersand the relatives and first children of the Apostles had done

In many places it will be first time in 50 years the 1600+ year old rite is practiced where the pleading prayers on behalf of the Catholic world will again be heard chanted

“Suscipe me Domine”:

Forgive my (our) ignorance and uphold me (us) O Lord and I (we) shall live

The prayers at the foot are heard –

Introíbo ad altáre dei – I will go up to the Altar of my God

and answered in response

Ad Deum qui lætíficat iuventútem meam.- To God, Who giveth joy to my youth

Recommended reading section of the week

Extensive book on authentic Catholic renewal

Also a book now making the rounds since Christmas time among the Priests of NY and NJ area is the Biography of our own newly “Beatified” Saint of Hudson County /Bayonne NJ is Sister Miriam Teresa Demjanovich by Sister Mary Zita Geis This most authentic biography is in it’s 9th printing –
New Jersey’s first official hero !

As with all authentic Catholic books we first look for a pre-concilar dated Nil Obstat and Imprimatur stamp and signatures as we all know that there are more post conciliar Nil Obstat and Imprimatur stamps and signatures on heretical books that you can shake a stick at – For the record you cannot find one written prior to the internal Church revolution of the 1960s with these two stamps that deviates from the Truth one Iota – it’s impossible.

It can be found here on the old Convent Station site of her elizabethian order’s Sisters of Charity