The Holy Father descends on the Philippines as President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino declares an impromptu four day holiday in Manila          

It is widely known that the Pontiff has chosen the Phills to help defend it against the fast coming inroads of the culture of death and against the government’s infiltration of Ecclesial Freemasonry, as it begins to head down the same roads of the US in terms of both government and Bishopric succession infiltration in the both countries. It’s obviously just beginning in the Philippines, from a perspective of scale and therefore the Holy Father’s visit is timely and needed.

Although the President of the Philippines, from the international media perspective, seems quite ‘close’ to the Pope, “Noynoy” was the responsible party for sponsoring contraception legislation in making the Phills the last country to fall to this starter drug to the culture of death.  As contraception repeatedly and provably separates marriage from sex, every study has shown homosexuality always comes right behind it within several decades in almost every country as the groundswell has already begun in the Phills.

Masonry fights for the rights of man above all others including the Lord as it’s #1 natural base religion. In their religion sodomy is a ‘right’ that has entitlement to law and the protestant communities by majority see it the same way as does many of the USCB (The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops)  The Pontiff tells the people of the Phills, that are expected to continue to come out into the streets by the millions, that Pope Paul VI predicted all this his Encyclical against legal contraception and for life in 1968

The Hitchborn story broke last week, confirming same and was also picked up and investigated by CMTV – Investigative journalist Michael Hitchborn discovered Inland Empire Sponsoring Committee funded by CCHD this year to the tune of 40K through the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ collections from Parishes and the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal !  IESC is a protestant organization regularly performing homosexual marriages in protestant assemblies on the west coast (specifically in the Pomona, California area) and publicly advocating for same. As CMTV always puts in for a a formal response from the Catholic Bishops none have responded to either their apostolate or Hitchborn.                           And there’s a lot more to be uncovered

Proving it to be true in practice the USCB just recommended to the post of president of Catholic Charities the former prioress of the embattled LCWR (Leadership Conference of Women Religious) that was reprimanded by the Vatican on multiple occasions – the once Catholic University  of Georgetown and their own Sister Donna Markham !!! A marriage made in heaven (a different heaven haven) as both are at the forefront of controversial regular  investments into pro-sodomy and pro-abortion organizations                     Sister Donna also sits on the board of ICCR- an ecumenical protestant organization that also funds the culture of death Who is ICCR = Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility,

Investigative journalists are going deeper It’s going to shock you but ecclesial freemasonry is giving them laws while radical secularism backs them
Who are they ?– Less than 2% of the population but with a powerful lobby, big money, Hollywood and the media behind them They are monitoring the language of every Priest, minister, news-person, politician, and TV & radio producer/director org and public personality The forrmer Faithful outspoken Catholics Gary Sinse and Fox’s Bret Baier just went down to them in flames yesterday and Austin Rose goes under full attack                                                                                                                                                                                Herein the Legatus Conference by the Coalition of Faithful Catholic businesses and corporations was just derailed by them a week before their annual conference in Florida Forrest Gump must be crying and the feet of Lieutenant Dan. As the Body count rises the laity begin to rise against the “lavender mafia” who are their clerical allies within the Catholic Church They kneel to the LGBT Orgs and declare the echoing  mantra of the lead fallen angel announcing “Non Serviam” !

See the items as they break……….                                                                                                                                      The Bishop in Belgium advocates for same sex and changing Church teaching

Columbia’s Archbishop José de Jesús Rodriguez Pimiento that the Holy Father will make a Cardinal next month as nears 100 years old publicly states we can tolerate homosexual marriage.                                                                                                                                             A Catholic Priest announces on the Altar during Mass the other in Dublin Ireland that he is homosexual and receives a standing ovation

IP -TV video version of the news                                          

The enablers are now within the Church                                           

What is Freemasonry and how many religions and organizations is it secretly inside of                                                                                                    

A list of some of the modern fathers of the Grand Orient                                

More to follow……………………………………… we call upon our Lady’s intercession to the feel of Jesus for the success of the mission of the Holy Father against the inroads of the lost spirits and the culture of death-                                                 We must increase prayer against the rising tides of evil.