The un-televised civil war continues as United States laws inch closer towards an accurate representation of the “pro-life populace of the new American majority”


New Federal congressional bill would also de-fund Planned Parenthood

On the back of this success NY State law is passed with successful stoppage of abortion expansion

The law would have allowed abortions to be performed up to the moment of birth, clear nurse practitioners or midwives to perform abortions, and extend abortions after 24 weeks for the mother’s “health” – an intentionally imprecise term that in practice allows abortion under any circumstances.The measure would have forced all hospitals in the state to refer patients for abortion or lose taxpayer funding. Cardinal Timothy Dolan warned that the bill could open the door to forced abortions.

Vast majority of the State of Illinois Abortion mills were not inspected for over 10 years – Reports of widespread abortion mill quality of life and health abuse cases are expected

Prolife Legislator Konni Burton replaces pro-abortion advocate legislator Wendy Davis and wears “Stand for Life” Boots on the House Floor !

Pro-Life Legislator Who Replaced Wendy Davis Wears “Stand for Life” Boots on House Floor

On the other side of the Civil War underway as the The Department of Health and Human Services is considering a request from ALCU to force Catholic Hospitals to perform sterilizations


In Ireland their civil war was kicked off near the very famous dates of 10/13/13 when a Catholic Priest made headlines in International news of resigning from the board when ‘Mater’ a northern Ireland Catholic Hospital made the decision to offer murder of the unborn as part of it’s services to Catholics.

Although the concept of a Catholic hospital that volunteers to kill your children for you is a new uncharted depth level beneath the ground  the combined, cultural, religious, and political civil war is here.

We didn’t bring on this civil war but it’s here and comes with the complexity of it being at the exact same time as the internal civil war is underway within the Catholic Church with the sins of denial in it’s forefront

Although the dynamics of the cultural complexities of it are worthy of a thesis for a masters degree in complex Sociology with a minor in Theology a simplified summary can be found as follows.

At a time when the Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith – The Holy Office – The former Catholic Tribunal of the Inquisition should re-establish the Inquisition and begin announcing Catholic Hospital and Universities – title and Catholic affiliation striping as well as Vatican social and financial support for the Faithful that remain & excommunications for publicly disobedient politicians

What is being transmitted is something altogether different. From the pulpits of the new Rite is false ecumenism on the heals of another generation of Priests with a 1960s utopian ideology constituting a redux of the french revolution within the Church. At it’s base is a twisted sense of Mercy and a new version of the theology of the Divine Mercy. What we have are young people and recent converts that have come into the Church on the flying carpets of the writings of ancient Catholicism and now becoming despondent and in danger of re-converting to another Liturgical Christianity  in the face of this false ecumenism and Catholic denial.- One such outspoken convert and young Catholic writer from Mormonism  speaking of this past Sunday’s sermons in the unbolting from the other charisms The Baptism feast that we are ALL God’s children – violating Catholic exegesis

Journal story below

We are all NOT the Children of God

We Are Not All Children of God


Ave Maria