The average modern Catholic Church on the cusp of the new wave of offering the Catechumens and the Faithful “spiritual communion” during the Sacrifice of The Mass regardless of their state #1 violates Catholic teaching and #2 is an encroachment of evangelical protestant theology into the modern Catholic wave

TFP, article covers same as it represents the infiltration of the Church at all levels.

My guess is that this whole wave has entered as a reaction to the wider objections to the heretical born again assembly hall style of Altar calls conducted in Catholic Churches. If anyone has read Church History they will remember that for the majority of salvation history throughout antiquity the Catachumens and those in sin were not called to the Holy Altar for an altar call or a “Spiritual Communion” but were rounded up and politely asked to exit the Sanctuary to another Church space when the Canon began ( The Liturgy of the Eucharist) and which the neo-catechumens are attempting to resurrect in yet another dissenting Mass-type direction.

Also a footnote for those considering and or planning on joining the Annual March on Washington DC for the Roe vs. Wade Anniversary, that an option is to March under the united banner of Tradition Family and Property -see the TFP site.

We’ll make a post shortly for the bus listings for the March for Life across both Manhattan AND Northern NJ something our Cardinals and Bishops SHOULD BE leading a consolidated effort on but the laity are again called to stand in the time and space gap in this era as Our Lady calls us to do.

It’s scary even when the teachings and writings coming out of the the Vatican have to be filtered from our children – One such heretical example is even picked up by Life Site News here below

As the new and heretical teachings emerge and as we slowly become an embarrassment to the wider Baptized Christian  numbers one does not need a prophet’s calling to be able to project that there will be a substantial drop in conversions coming that can be charted in big color graphs and the like.

More soon……………

Ave Maria