In apostate and heretic sectors the islamic religion continues to be in the daily news every day now with major news, sometimes even multiple times per day !

Cologne Germany Catholic Church sides with Islam against ant-Islamic protestors turns it’s lights out against the skyline of Cologne in protest against the protestors ?! – Wow

How can a Church that was at the center of wisdom on the Mohammadanism issues for centuries have drifted this far from the Truth

The Catholic Church in Germany is obviously on the verge of becoming a different Church on this course as well as all their others

In other news a policeman  guarding the front of an Egyptian Catholic Church is murdered in cold blood on the spot

Robert Spenser was on Fox News this past Thursday night 01/08/14 talking about the encroaching Sharia laws in eastern Europe on the move & spreading

In other sad news

100 NYC Fire Fighters wage a losing battle against a raging fire in arctic temperatures at Our Lady of Sorrows In Queens prior to the Feast of Epiphany

In happy news 🙂

The site of the trial of Jesus Christ is discovered by archeologists unearthing the See of Pontius Pilot !

Ave Maria …..