Don’t you find it strange that the USCB celebrates the Feast of Epiphany on a different day than the Pope of the Catholic Church – I watched it on Vatican You Tube he celebrated Epiphany Mass on January 6th, and a substantiation in a recent talk given by Father Peter Straviskas on Faithful Theology in Sacred Music 

What does the theophany in the Magi pilgrimage share with us on these questions of the Epiphany Feast

Is it only a matter for each person to know himself and then find his place next to Jesus?

TFP (Tradition, Family, and Property) apostolate gives us insight into that nobility and the answer is yes = Our place is corrective reform to Truth which our Church teaches is absolute

Father Z’s blog confirms the chaos of the relationship of Epiphany to The Baptism of the Lord in the new Rite is something purely created only by the USCB – the majority of the rest of the world observes the epiphany Feast on the 6th of January

This feast has three elements that reflect, within the Christmastide season, the nature and depth of the Trinitarian Theology in the Truth 1) The Theophany to The Three Kings and 2) the Baptism of the Lord and 3) the Water at Cana –

The ridiculousness on this Feast is the re-ordering of the time honored calendar of the Liturgy changing it in 1960- 1962 and again in 1977-78

The Baptism was never previously a stand alone Feast but an integral element that was taken out of the Epiphany

and made it the Sunday “after” the Epiphany ?! where it was just celebrated ,,,

The 3rd most important Catholic Feast day (with the 1st being the Resurrection the 2nd the Incarnation at the Annunciation) is the Epiphany

It makes absolutely no sense to the Catholic mind unless of course we look at it from the ecumenical mind and see why they moved it to the Sunday after Epiphany

It was always ‘the way’ in the episcopal /anglican reform of the mass – look at the bottom of this Wikipedia on the episcopal church’s feast of the baptism of the Lord and then their architects start to make more sense

To do this they had to stamp it onto top of the Feast of the Holy Family which in the Traditional Rite and other Rites has always been and still is this upcoming Sunday and in order to do that The Holy Family feast in the new Rite had to be moved onto the Sunday after Christmas and in order to do that ?!

Something has to be suppressed right?! (which is never widely talked about) The Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus !– an entire Sunday Liturgy (The actual Sunday after Christmas) which speaks directly to arian jehovahs issue in it’s clarity & charisms of the day, s made into a low Mass weekday /non-Holy Day of Obligation on January 3rd unless of course January 3rd falls on a Sunday and the then it is in doubly suppressed – Fortunately in both the TLM and other Rites it is retained as an important Holy Day of Obligation and a Sunday feast day.

Don’t you find it strange that the USCB celebrates the Feast of Epiphany on a different day than the Pope of the Catholic Church ? I watched it on Vatican You Tube he celebrated Epiphany Mass on January 6th

The Magi , unlike what the new Catholic philosophies tell us, that they were not Kings but astrologer prophets, we just turn to Catholic history and early Sacred Tradition to find the Truth – We see they were Noblemen of Eastern Aristocracy o the level of Princes of Persia that came from families of prestige and wealth IN the Zoroastrian religion, that practiced astrology as part of their religion, and as “converts” they became eastern region “Christian evangelists” Also the descendants of Caspar and Melchoir became the Catholic fathers of a Catholic Bishopric line in both of their eastern districts of Persia /Syria in the post Babylonian empires The ‘created’ mythologies were moreover associated with the lesser known Balthazar. As myths and legends are usually created when there is less historical information available and liberal historical re- constructionists attempts to use that data to obscure the established elements of the source data aka ‘da vinci code sytle’ is quite predictable

In the older translations it says in book of Saint Mathew, (in the style of the Davidic queenship presentations of the era) that when “She” presented ‘Him’ they bowed their knees and Adored”

This same serious problem is related for Ascension Thursday and not just for the missing fullness of the Eschatological perspective elements of the new Liturgical presentations resident in both

Did you celebrate it when the corrupt USCB (which is still giving millions of dollars of Catholics money in the US to pro-abortion non for profits) told you to ? or when the Traditional Rite celebrates it – which is when the Pope celebrates it to this day !

Even the current Pope won’t liberalize himself to the level of the USCB

It’s disgraceful what’s going on in this country and how few people are speaking out in any organized fashion

In several European Diocese districts they ended the direction these liberalisms were taking and began returning to Truth

It is also celebrated on the exact 40th day from the Resurrection in Canada and in most formerly Catholic Oligarchy countries that Thursday is a national holiday as should naturally be. If and when it is not it causes yet other domino affect problems in the Liturgical flow of theology that you can only find partial correctives of in Cycle C of the new Rite.

It is one of the earliest celebrated Christian Feasts and it recorded as being widely celebrated on the 40th day after the Resurrection each year even before the fall of the Temple in 70 AD

Even if this was not an era of liberal Bishops and Bishophric abuses the new Vatican II custom of collegiality of letting individual Bishops decide for themselves more and more matters of universal importance has become quite a matter of controversy itself

If the Baptism of the Lord is in the Epiphany you can’t celebrate the same thing two Sundays in a row

Therefore there was NEVER a Feast of the Baptism of the Lord it’s “The Commemoration of the Baptism of the Lord”

which the traditional rite celebrates on the last day of Christmastide – January 13th – as “A Commemoration” of the Baptism

The 13th which falls on a Tuesday this year will be a nice double major in white and the secondary prayers will also celebrate it as an “Octave of Epiphany “ as it should be …….

A night when everyone should still have their Christmas tree and Christmas lights on up to, as a minimum, NOT up to only January 6th

Please tell others so they understand !

The day that follows for Saint Hilary on the 14th …that’s the day you can dim your lights if necessary and put away into hiding the glitter on the Patron of those deposed – writers- prayer warriors of those in exile – apologetics maven of arianism of the east that he way – that’s the day for “the setting aside”

A big part of the infiltration of protestant theology into the thinking and the calendar came initially from Calvinistic influences through Catholic schools of thought of Jansenism and latter re-enforced by the tainted Jesuit seminaries and institutions

Echoing this and as explained in a talk by Father Peter Stravinskas on communicating theology within the beauty of music and who is normally dismissed by traditional Catholics as a liberal and or attempting to straddle the two worlds and two Rites


but to us he makes a lot of sense

It was witnessed first in the music at Christmas time with changes to words in Classic Catholic hymns and chants as well as hymnodies in various countries where songs were modified into protestant hymnody melodies and appear in Catholic hymnals. Finding a pure Catholic hymnal and or a good bounded collection of Christmastide Chants and Hymns is virtually non-existent and will now take decades ! for the traditional & orthodox academic communities to re-build, now that all the issues have manifested – studied and understood as in need of renouncement from the catholic reform movements and an emphasis placed on “resourcement” as opposed to modern updating.

To both gain and detriment, moreover the latter, the charismatic Catholic movement was largely responsible for echoing these very same errors without realizing the deep legacy divides it is causing in the theology through the use of protestant and non-Sacred music in the Mass as Father Peter explained in greater detail in his talk

Asnd there is not enough time nor space to go into the protestant theologies in depth that are communicated in the music at Catholic masses, perhaps at another sitting, but it relates to the subject of Grace and man’s nature (which is not complete corruption as reformationists would have liturgical Christians input into the Liturgy’s music and mindset) and the Christological and hypostatic natures of Jesus – You might not think that the inclusion (and or omission of Christmas hymns and post Epiphany season hymns could contain so much ‘theology’ but it does

Of course the past few centuries had a small percentage of overlap and disputed denominational origin of various hymns but what it has evolved to is something altogether different and in need of Reform

As Father Peter Stravinskas defends the new Rite, he also illustrates in great detail some of it’s corruptions and is an advocate of continued reform of the new Rite

Some of the many examples are that before the liturgical reforms began there were 24 Vigils and Octaves. When Pope Paul VI was done in the late 1960s there were only Vigils and Octaves in the Liturgy life of the Church left on Christmas and Easter – Father Peter illustrates that at the very least a movement should be undertaken, following up on Benedict XVI’s recommended reforms, of re-including Vigils and Octaves for Epiphany and Pentecost

If you look at a gorgeously preserved anchor Church of the Dominicans for the recently restored Dominican Rite in Rome you can see the difference of the theology in the Sacred Architecture, as the amazing photo in this link is worthy of reflection.


And the astronomical science of the life of the Liturgy in you will begin to manifest in each of us supernaturally

Ave Maria